Zen incense is the Buddha’s support crycry

Zen incense is supported in Buddha Zen incense is the Buddha. In Buddhism, it is offering to the Buddha, or in a statement such as, often can see traces of incense. The secret law, various deities even have different offering incense, incense and Buddhist, has a close relationship. The fragrant odor, can get rid of all the dirty, make people relaxed, have wonderful music, it is often used to support the Buddha, the statue of San goods, such as "Su Jing" siddhi, put incense among the five support one, "and his" will also be classified as one of the six kinds of support. In addition to being used as special offerings, because the fragrance of incense Yuanwen, often takes the classical metaphor of Yogi precepts of germany. Such as "Virtue" incense, Buddha told Ananda, only the precepts of incense is not affected by the flow, wind, and the ten party can p. "And" liuzu Tanjing, also with fragrant to describe the five body, referred to as the "five body of incense". In addition, incense also is used to describe the Buddha’s qualities, such as "Shurangama samadhi Sutra", "fragrant light solemn" to describe the people infected with the Tathagata Buddha merit solemn, like incense people with general aroma. The classic even recorded with fragrant pure land, such as "Vimalakirti Sutra" in the word "Xiangji land", not only to constitute all sweet food and clothing, housing, and also to say to incense. In "by Kegon" also said, after countless Avatamsaka perfume sea around. Practices of Tantra, is often seen for Hong Kong records, and according to the Buddhas, lotus, diamond, and Denon eight world all saints, with all sorts of incense to offer corresponding. In addition, the classic also record and incense related practice. The most famous is "hedongshihou" in Xiang Yan Shen Shuixiang boy, to smell, aroma and out of view of impermanence and understanding into the heart. While the "concept" Samantabhadra method, a clean method of nasal root repentance; "ritual", also on the nose and smell the vow, the vow of evil does not smell all beings all smelly gas, often heard everything Chan Tan, wonderful tree flowers, often the smell of incense, incense ring all say, Buddha incense, incense and other body five. In the style of Buddhist incense so rich and colorful, from the most basic pleasant fragrance, fragrant, and sublimation of Xinxiang free realm, is as the acme of perfection.相关的主题文章:

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