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You guess who this year’s show? The inventory’s nearly ten years of the show (on) in less than a month’s time this year’s big show to show, a big show of determinants of the most important addition to this great show costumes, and this year the show model. The official’s understands this truth, so although the 2016 show has been assorted spoilers almost, but this year’s show who is still a big secret. The show followed before we come together to check the show opened nearly ten years to see if there is no model, your favorite models, maybe she can open the show’s big show this year? On 2006 the show can be described as a classic’s big show in history. G God feathers on the wings of the T platform can be detonated at the scene. Justin and Timberlake tried but ignored the empress empress interaction, Tingting, keep a high cold walked the whole. Although it is because the opening of the empress said when tripped some Huangshen, but is this high cold fan made a big show of the opening of the 2006’s classic. In 2007 the show was the hottest guests (instant type the name of the day I feel the sense of time, that is, the empress) left Vitoria’s Secret in the first year, Lima in 2003 after the second time as the opening model. Unlike the empress Ji Bian, this year’s Lima opening also slightly tender, some "lively head", "one finger," kiss and so on small action has not been interrupted. But you can also say that it is this year’s opening for catwalk style big show later laid the foundation. The 2008 show for Lima’s a sister position. TV made a very interesting clip, Lima from the background all the way off the T platform, sexy desperately. That year, the show moved from Losangeles to Miami Beach, Lima’s styling is also replaced by the Amazon female soldiers, standing next to the performance of the guest Usher appears to attack gas. Her interaction with Usher is also love and fun. It is worth noting that this year Lima not only for the show to do a big opening, this module is also a small closed her, then you guess that year’s Fantasy Bra to whom? Yes, or Lima! In 2009, Lima was a sister’s child to go, then show the task to the behoove sister "AA" Alessandra Ambrosio. The opening of the unit theme for Star Trooper, so the design of science fiction and the future direction. Although the AA has often been criticized "wings like dragging torn like toilet paper, but in the year or a futuristic design. Giving birth to the child’s return to Vitoria in 2010 Lima domineering secret, instead of fat, the figure is better. Tough Love as the main theme of the opening is shown on the shoulders of her skull and roses. It is said that the body of the Outfit is a pair of wings, but because the wings are too large, Lim相关的主题文章:

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