Yao Ming NBA Hall of fame speech reproduction humor (Bilingual) demonophobia

Yao Ming NBA Hall of fame speech reproduction humor (Bilingual) Mr. John Doleva, Hall of Fame Executive Committee, ladies and gentlemen good evening., Mr. Dorival, the Executive Committee of the hall of fame, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. When I heard that I was speaking first tonight, I thought that someone made a mistake. The first speaker should be the great Allen Iverson. I need practice more than he does. to hear tonight I will be the first to take the stage in the news, I thought there was a mistake. Don’t laugh, I really thought that the first to come on stage should be the great Iverson. Do you know why? Because I need to practice more than him (laugh English behind him, he carried the dark more talent, also joked that he does not love training). First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me this great honor. Your recognition has made tonight a most memorable moment for me. Although perhaps my career ended too soon, for me I treasure each and every moment. I am grateful for my time on the court, and for your recognition tonight. first, I would like to thank the celebrity hall of the executive committee. It’s a great honor for me to be inducted into the hall of fame. Tonight I will never forget. Although my career is over too fast, but every moment on the pitch, I cherish it. I have been standing on the court for me, and I am honored to be recognized tonight. I would to thank sponsors. Bill Russell. will forget that you me to dinner at your in Seattle when I was a young rookie. That evening I, an house, invited, never,相关的主题文章:

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