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Yangxin Temple relics hundred years for the first time out of the palace: the time-honored and Tongxing escort Yangxin hall into the exhibition and entered the hall, it is Ren Ming hall between the positive and the hall hosted by the Imperial Palace Museum and the capital museum "the Imperial Palace Yangxin hall" exhibition opening in the capital museum in September 27, 2016. Yangxin temple is the Qing emperors used the longest diligent Yan sleep by 268 pieces of precious cultural relics from the the Imperial Palace Yangxin temple, the first hundred years "before driving out of the Forbidden City, the capital museum. In the first blog "Yangxin Temple" can not only close to watch the emperor living details, feel the Royal atmosphere, can also understand the origin of the story happened in Yangxin temple – sanxitang name through this exhibition? The window opened, a place in what place? Royal office in the end to what extent? The emperor’s day in Yangxin temple to spend? The audience can find out. Yangxin temple hall floor figure luduan East snappers hall behind a the Imperial Palace Shan Jixiang Dean at the opening ceremony: "today people can" into "Yangxin Temple of the hitherto unknown." Yangxin temple, built in the Ming Dynasty Jiajing years, located in the west of the palace palace. Kangxi, as Miya Naka once the office of the workshop, the Queen’s palace dedicated to the production of goods. Since emperor Yong Zheng live in Yangxin rear office, the workshop gradually moved out of the Imperial Palace, since Yangxin hall has served as the emperor of the Qing Dynasty palace, Qianlong years to transform, Tim, become a set of multi-function, handle affairs, the emperor summoned princes reading, learning and living as one of the building group, has experienced ten emperors. Yangxin Temple layout feature rich, concentrated, hall, library, dormitory and various chamber Goods are available in all varieties. Qing Dynasty is highly centralized, the political system of the most suitable living place of the emperor. The furniture has become the embodiment of the supreme power center, which is exquisite, is to unite the imperial state of mind, meaning "craftsman seconds. A single president said: "every year there are 1/3 viewers to visit the the Imperial Palace 15 million Yangxin temple, and the past Yangxin temple only open 30% of the area, especially the rear part, the living temple is invisible, outdoor, the window from the packed audience, we expected to visit effect far away." Small world of Emperor Qianlong elegance through Buddhist relics on display pane to see the exhibition in order to make the audience more intuitive feel the charm of Yangxin temple, the temple of Yangxin directly over the first Bo 1600 square meters exhibition hall, panoramic, comprehensive and multi angle to restore the real scene of a Yangxin temple. It is the gate into the pavilion, Ren Ming hall between the East snappers; the right hand, a gauze, the throne before, a history came into sight; left West snappers, and the most legendary sanxitang. West snappers Yangxin temple sanxitang interior scene according to the introduction, in the preparatory process of the exhibition, in order to let many Yangxin Temple furniture should be restored, smooth "Palace" this time-honored brand "Xing and is escorted active". Rosewood inlay jade Bi cloud dragon throne, carved rosewood lotus petals luduan, red sandalwood engraved characters cloud angle embroidered, carved rosewood octagonal volumes.相关的主题文章:

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