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Yang Lan: don’t be a complaining mother – Sohu [picture] maternal attention selection, to obtain childcare wisdom! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and Yang Lan do not think the prodigy attention! What good does not require that children must have outstanding achievements, but she sincerely want their children to be a happy person, also can bring joy to others. To this end, Yang Lan personally, and strive to cultivate children with several habits and character: sporty, compassionate, expressive and full of humor. One. Do not perfunctory, not careless, seriously treat the child’s every little thing Yang Lan is very busy, can be described as a trapeze artist, in this case, the child can become a piano school attendance of parents can accompany the highest, he traveled to fifteen countries before the eight year old son, really surprising. Today, Yang Lan is often in Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, flying around three, but in order to spend more time with their children, every time a business trip, she will arrange his son to the airport shuttle. Back home, Yang Lan even tired again busy, will take the time to communicate with their children, dedicated to talk to them, listen carefully to everything they say, dedicated to their world. The children are very clever, know the mother is hard, is out of time to accompany them. Two. Not nervous, not demanding, let the children grow in reality on the fifth grade primary school son now, so many years later, Yang Lan never asked his grades to top in the class. Yang Lan hope that the children can be a little more art, and arrange for them to learn to play the piano since childhood, did not expect the same home, son and daughter’s son learned not to be quite different: one year began impatient, played drums retreat; despite the brother’s "bad", the daughter of a start hooked on the piano, will require much more training every day without playing, others urged. Yang Lan realized that really should not be adults views to the child, many times, do not care about the choice of children and their parents, too deliberately could backfire on the issue of children’s education. Three. Cultivate children good character, integrity is very important to everybody knows Yang Lan English is very good, but she and the children together, never did what decent English tutor Yang Lan to most of the time spent is not particularly good at sports, she and the children together to go skating stadium. Have a daughter and skating, Yang Lan accidentally broke the tailbone, recover or continue to the sports field. Recently, the children like the animated cartoon "the prince of tennis", proposed to learn to play tennis, Yang Lan not only encourage them, also join them. Yang Lan found that children prefer to work with their mothers. Yang Lan think, a wise mother should observe the child’s potential ability and talent, her task is to lay a good foundation for the children, as for the future of the child to do, the mother is unable to design. Also, don’t make a complain about his mother, some women love to complain, complain about social injustice, resentment children unfilial, complain men is not good…… Even love is also a.相关的主题文章:

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