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The woman was a U.S. member of U.S. – Sohu denied rape news (video) (the district) a male to a female member of the continuous delivery of households sent 4 times out, the last time, the female tenants said the alarm was rape delivery guy. Some netizens recently broke the news, said: "the police intelligence community Communications: 4:27110 reported yesterday afternoon, the foreign youth residential building occurred door of rape, the understanding of the United States Department of a group takeaway delivery, a few days ago to send the food to yesterday afternoon after the door, knock on the door, put the bundle and the victim rape, qiayu home and friends of the victims, but fighting to escape, police and the local police officers to the scene, the object identity is clear, is to capture the way. We hope to strengthen security inspections of civil air defense and anti technology measures, alert, the maximum security of residents personal and property safety." Pudong, Shanghai police: police are currently arrested suspects. The United States Mission: on the network media group delivery staff in Shanghai District attaches great importance to the foreign youth event, after investigation, has not identified a U.S. distribution staff, while also actively investigating the matter. Residential property: the event occurred in November 25th 4 pm, a female tenant building 8, the police said he was a U.S. delivery man raped, "after the police came, don’t let us near. The woman said he was raped, but the suspect has not caught, so we do not know the specific circumstances." Property manager, said the incident was a woman in the police, in 2016 just moved to the area, about 25 years old, is a 90. He also told reporters that the incident was the suspect’s surveillance image, from the appearance, the man dressed in fashion, not wearing a takeaway uniforms. "Our understanding of the situation, the female tenants recently called 4 times U.S., every time the courier to the room. In November 25th the day of the incident, the takeaway also to the room." Dong manager said. Owner: the entrance guard system basically is bad, causing great security risks, "almost all of the building on the ground floor entrance are bad. This problem exists for many years, has been due to the new and old district industry committee can not be used to replace the maintenance fund." When a girl or a man without a member at home, try not to take out. Pay attention to the following points: 1 best not to write the address bar to the door, let him downstairs or only to the floor; 2 if the address to write very detailed, the consignee can write Mr. XX; 3 notes of more than 2 people dining; 4 must remember more cautious, dressed相关的主题文章:

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