When driving the 4 keys can not be arbitrary or will be a big event! (video) noiseware

When driving the 4 keys can not be arbitrary or will be a big event! These hidden features in the car you will use your car will be due to the wrong button by some of the problems caused by the car? In addition to the common throttle when the brakes will have adverse effects, what are the circumstances of the error will lead to problems with the vehicle? In fact, in the course of driving, if the wrong press these buttons, there may be a big problem. 1, high beam lights the night drive, had wanted to open, but wrong by the light button, especially in the car, so it is easy to appear the headlights and stun each other, so it is easy to lead to the other side of the vehicle are not clear at the road and hit over, not good for anyone. 2 AUTO HOLD, some people in the car accidentally press the "AUTO HOLD" button, when he stops, because the AUTO HOLD button is pressed, the car will be the vehicle anti slip function failure, resulting in the parking after prone to slipping phenomenon. It is worth mentioning that, if the vehicle and thus sliding into other vehicles, it is necessary to assume full responsibility for the accident. 3, the drive mode button which is more common on off-road vehicles, if your car is not in the state of intelligent drive mode, and then accidentally pressed the button. At this time, although it will not cause traffic accidents, but it will result in slow vehicle speed, fuel consumption and other issues, and even exacerbate engine wear. 4, the ESP OFF button if accidentally press the ESP OFF button, the ESP function is closed, when the vehicle and turn after the rain and snow road, very prone to rollover, sideslip etc.. Therefore, in the course of driving, we must pay attention to, if the wrong press, the problem is big.相关的主题文章:

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