What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of using drones to deliver drugs and blood in Af seaway

What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of using drones to deliver drugs and blood in Africa? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] science news when the UAV first landed in the land of Africa, spent some time in explaining his purpose. The villagers a rumor anxiety vampire flying objects will fly by their homes. "Yes." Some villagers say. The fact is very simple. The United States Agency for international development sponsored a plan, they will be moved into the UAV Malawi village, with a more efficient way, the sample of AIDS into the traffic is not easy. In the understanding of the use of these drones, local students and teachers often hear the sound of the drone engine began to celebrate, this is very exciting!" UNICEF Judith Sherman says. The UAV is gradually used in the business, from a military attack to the pizza delivery at the same time, Africa, the world’s second largest continent, with rugged desert, rain and extreme weather, the world bank will be called "the infrastructure development in the world today in the worst zone" also let them worry a fast road; villages are usually not asphalted, many countries have more power supply. The continent, with the most serious human crisis, hopes that the technology of the UAV will bring progress. It is also reasonable to think that, as they embrace the introduction of mobile phones to replace the often disappointing home phone, through the air to overcome so many challenges, is an attractive goal. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which are expected to address these human crises, also suggests that the technology is not a quick fix, but there are plans to explore what it can do. One of the most famous is a plan recently opened in Rwanda, by the American company Zipline and the local government controlled drones, blood supply, drugs and other remote rural areas into the hospital or clinic. Even in such a small country in Rwanda, the original land transport will take several weeks, while the UAV was able to complete tasks in a few hours. In addition, in Madagascar, another American company Vayu, under the auspices of the U.S. Agency for international development, the success of the blood and stool of rural areas to. UAV speed and limited space, so that rescue groups and businesses to consider how to deliver small and potentially life-saving value of goods. Earlier this year, Zipline announced a partnership with the global alliance for vaccines and immunization. "The nature of Africa has some advantages over the program," said Sid Rupani of the South African office. "There are no crowded airspace, and there are not many big cities that need to be dealt with. Drones are already used in some parts of the continent to make maps and anti hunting tools." Rupani Llamasoft, an American employer, runs a virtual flight pilot for Zipline in Tanzania. However, the UAV also encountered many challenges, some models may be affected by the limit or require frequent charging; if they overturned, also it is difficult to locate in remote areas. Some government newspapers相关的主题文章:

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