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Water sports equipment choice first professional fashion second watches boutique Sohu – [recommended] while the southern heat is not scattered, many people want to seize the summer tail, then make a quick water play. Some people love to go to the seaside, surfing, sailing or sea play, some people love swimming, rafting, kayaking, not into the sea can play the project, no matter which kind of, can be regarded as a good way of entertainment and leisure. However, in the water, often carrying a mobile phone is not easy, so we will not easy to know the time, so if you want to play water project, a good watch, still have the necessary equipments, regardless of your cheap. This series of leader M026.430.11.051.00 watch watch series: leader of movement type: automatic case material: titanium metal watchband material: titanium case diameter: 42.5 mm in the domestic price: $8000 watches watches details: comment: 2016, the United States launched a series of watch new leader table design, the traditional design instead of Ocean star. In the professional performance based on a more lively fashion as in the past. This pilot series launched a total of about 6 watches, which only a titanium titanium metal style, has the characteristics of lighter than steel, but also more robust, as sports watches, titanium metal not easy sensitization, and no additional burden to the wrist, have become increasingly popular in recent years. In addition, this watch is a unidirectional rotating bezel, 200 meters high waterproof performance, built-in dual calendar and suitable for everyday wear. The watch is equipped with Caliber 80 automatic movement, can provide maximum power storage for 80 hours. Sir Hamilton series H37565131 watch watch series: Jazz movement type: automatic case material: stainless steel watch strap material: stainless steel case diameter: 42 mm in the domestic price: $7940 watches watches details: comment: water sports match table, the natural need to pay attention to waterproof, most of the day with the watch, only 30 or 50 meters waterproof m, if you want to swim or surf what, even if it is just drifting, unfortunately fell into the water, the daily watch may not be able to stop the water. Therefore, water sports table, waterproof at least 100 meters. Sir Hamilton this waterproof watch, just 100 meters, I choose this table, because it has a unique series of Yayun jazz, not only suitable for sports wear, is also a daily distribution table. Slender pointer and diamond scale, plus the Jazz Series shell type, very chic. Built in ETA 2836-2 automatic movement, dynamic storage for almost 40 hours, the weekend or to wear a wear or string, so as not to lack of power to stop easily. Men’s C013.407.47.081.00 watch series automatic certina watch series: Men’s automatic movement type: automatic case material: titanium case diameter: 43.2 mm) in China相关的主题文章:

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