Wang Luodan appeared to prepare for the new hospital resuscitation room suspected minmi

Wang Luodan appeared in the hospital resuscitation room suspected to prepare new Sina entertainment news recently have friends in the union hospital emergency department saw Wang Luodan [micro-blog], until 5 pm before leaving the hospital in casual wear. In the hospital, wearing masks, wearing a white coat and Wang Luodan rushed to emergency department of resuscitation room. From her own social media can also be seen in it in the hospital, almost every day of the day: because the log practice unit far from home at 6:30 in the morning to go out; occasional small night seriously ill patients met. According to the information from previously published, Wang Luodan starred in "emergency physicians" shooting around the corner, the move is for the new lesson. Because as judges, athletes, nurses, detective, airline stewardess, white-collar workers, and a series of military uniform image is called "role of philately in patients with advanced cancer" Wang Luodan, the star of "in the emergency department physician" in a highly educated returnees doctor. It is reported that the play by Zheng Xiaolong, CO directed by Liu Xuesong. Wang Luodan and Zhang Jiayi in the play partner, as well as the [micro-blog], [micro-blog] and other powerful actor actor’s play. Perhaps it is making such an excellent team and participating, to bid farewell to the TV screen in the three years of Wang Luodan return. Before the shooting of Wang Luodan to the hospital to experience life, more truly appreciate the duty of medical workers, will also help her in acting more full, more real character and characters. (commissioning editor: Sisi)相关的主题文章:

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