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Vietnam women’s illegal immigrants risk by the high-speed service area and shouted for help, the original title: high-speed service area of two Vietnamese women shouted for help: illegal immigrants insurance is the high-speed service area and Vietnamese woman shouted for help two men suspected of the crime of trafficking in women jingfangxingju Voices Online Changde news (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Tan Jian) October 26th, hangrui high-speed Changde section of Taoyuan, a van started in the service area, the car two Vietnamese women later escaped to the police for help. Originally, this has two illegal immigrants, the others were introduced to the work on the ground lie on the car, was abducted. In November 10th, Changde Taoyuan County Public Security Bureau informed of the case, the car two men on suspicion of the crime of trafficking in women Xingju, the case is still in process. In late October 26th 8, two young woman suddenly rushed out from a van, on duty is the high-speed traffic police shouted "help", followed by two tries to pull their man. See the police, the two men fled by car to the direction of Yuanling county. 10 pm, the suspect car and the car, a man and a woman were arrested by the high-speed traffic police three suspects were escorted back to Taoyuan. Taoyuan County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police said two Vietnamese women named Chen Mouer and Chen Tao (all audio translation), were suspected of illegal immigration. The second half of 2015, Chen peach came to the territory, in Guangdong, Huizhou, a shoe workshop. The Chen son is in the immigration half a month ago, has been in Henan, Nanyang. Two people did not know each other, the reason why they come together, because another Vietnamese woman Hemou Lai (transliteration). He is also suspected of illegal immigration, at least 3 years of life in Guangdong, long-term work in the massage shop. At the beginning of October, Hemou Levin by Vietnamese friends contacted Chen Tao, offered to help the work. October 20th years ago, she and Lumou (Jiangsu people), Wang (Sichuan) opened the van, to Huizhou, then Chen Tao, ready to go to Guizhou. On the way, they went to Henan to pick up Chen son. Hemou Lai and two men intend to Chen Tao, Chen son sold to Guizhou, two people. On the way, they referred to "massage parlors" and so on. I did not expect, Chen Tao can understand some Chinese, knowing the intention of the child will be taken away from the high-speed service area. It is understood that, at present, Lu Wang has been detention law. And Hemou Lai, Chen Mouer, Chen peach suspicion of illegal immigration, was taken detention review measures. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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