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Tu Long: Terry talent Wenwan appreciation big coffee Wen Wu Shaoju Ka Tu Long name card (1543~1605), word Wei paniculatum, really. Native beam (now Henan opened), Zhao song due to the disaster to Minnesota Jinbing (now Zhejiang Ningbo). He died in Wanli thirty-three years (1605), at the age of sixty to three. Tu Long Evans agile, such as poetry, drama, museum, all good works. "Other things" test plate is one of its representative, other room cleared. A total of four volumes, "a word book version of rubbings, two volumes of storytelling piano volume three, painting paper, four volume pen inkstone furnace bottle, with all the Royal Service and device are described in detail in the column order, but quite trivial" discrimination "now to clear the dust to ink, unique". Can lead Tu Long when a room cleared appreciation large coffee and outstanding Chinese style interior designer, with its Tianzong talent and unique vision, and provide important reference for the current research of scholars in the late Ming Dynasty elegant life style and living room, and other artifacts. Core prompt whether daily living, or travel abroad, "Ya" to them, just commonplace life. "After the Tu long dismissed a family of eight, can only rely on the sea salt brine erosion of the seventeen acres of field…… Even the poor hungry mother and had to cut together under the field of purslane and other wild herbs, mixed with rice for food. The family is sick for a doctor door, can not find the money according to the prescription to the pharmacy medicine physician." Contemporary writer Zhao Baitian in his book: "South China in late Ming Dynasty southern intellectual life history" in one book, this description was framed was removed from office after the Tu Long home life. He was promoted to the Ministry of rites instrument system company in charge in just a year’s time, also did not show more intelligent Tu Long for Xingbu memorial to Yu Xianqing with her like the principal, longitudinal, and awkward relegated south, even home travel is "come together". The poor, this is a term used to describe Tulong’s material life, or is very suitable. The ancestors III commoner, father to fishing for a living. When Tu long served Yingshang County Magistrate and examination, or is the Qingpu county magistrate, it still faces "no more than your dilemma, so that" market often no stale bread". However, beyond the physical Tu Long but has a very rich spiritual life, just like a recluse and. Although after a little earthly lively, such as unfinished business, pay ideal legendary writing, often ", their debut piece towel patchwork" Fen sleeve and song. But he eventually will be more effort to "hear the wind and chanting". From the officialdom is non Tu Long, with a "private" posture "in Wu Yue, Xunshan visit, as the poem, called" happy. The left room cleared "on the test plate other thing" a book, but also for future generations to recognize the Tulong, recognize the late Ming literati in daily life, study and other artifacts, artistic creation and aesthetic ideas, provide important information. Though I do not know the "birth" to be "thousands of words would be" a big talent, the real experience of life is the pen of elegance as bright, also can be in the style of the world. Elegant furnishings: not a day is not very interested people voiceless相关的主题文章:

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