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The webcast "edge ball" to do about how frequent gifts in place since last year, the webcast quickly became popular, some ordinary Internet users through the broadcast platform to become "anchor". However, the chaos of pornography, rumors, fraud has emerged. 4, the State Network letter office issued the provisions of the network service management, will further promote the healthy and orderly development of the webcast industry. The webcast "edge ball" in place to do about how frequently presents "guild" mechanism supporting anchor "high income" 23 year old little cool (a pseudonym) is a college student in Tianjin. In the rented room, a small cool almost every day sitting in front of the computer two or three hours live – she is already a well-known domestic network platform anchor, a little famous, fans close to 100 thousand. Live, small cool sitting in front of the computer, talking about his recent experience, talk about the topic of fans. In the chat page, reporters from time to time to see the "rocket" and "car" and "flowers" icons fly out — this is the "fans" gift, each of which is "real money". Rocket is the most expensive, a 1888 yuan, the car seems to be more than 100 yuan, a few hundred dollars yacht." Xiao Shuang said that the gift determines the income of the live broadcast, but also directly affect her popularity. Xiao Shuang told reporters that she sometimes sing and sing, and some anchor will dance. "Live" Laoke ", but is actually to Lao fun, to someone". Since she began to live, the monthly income of over ten thousand dollars is very common, she was the platform big anchor monthly income is more impressive. So, to support the anchor who high-income, what is the operating mechanism? Small Shuang said, the platform is more like a carrier, the real support of the anchor economy run institutions is the association". According to reports, the guild is the two level of the organization under the platform, is the anchor fans and other initiated the establishment of at least 10 anchors in order to set up a guild". "The public will" great general "anchor", registered on the platform, the first thing is to join a "guild"; "anchor" can go it alone, but it is difficult to gather popularity, it is difficult to solve the problems. Xiao Shuang said: the association will be based on each ‘anchor’ potential, in the early stages and other critical moments to help ‘anchor’ brush gifts. This is an open secret." She explained that a live income, anchor earn 35%, guild Commission of 5%, the remaining $60% as platform revenue. In addition, the association will also be responsible for the collection of personal income tax anchor, 20%. "Think about what gift in place on how about" the reporter learned that, although there is a set of operation mechanism, but the support of "anchor" income is the "fans" sent money, there are also many worries. A anchor told reporters that the current platform has issued a live broadcast business performance management regulations, and divided into several types of serious violations and treatment methods. However, in addition to the obvious and serious "provocative behavior, most" edge ball "even after being reported, the public will also be able to help coordinate the" ban "". She felt that before the provisions of the implementation of strict or not discount, so many really talented anchor".相关的主题文章:

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