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"The ebb tide, mountain island of San Michael mountain tourism Sohu — southern England self driving travel sixteen from Penzance town in less than 10 minutes’ drive from the sea a saint Michael mountains, as a" strange phenomenon when the tide is low tide, island mountain ", because while in England very prestigious. In the town of Penzance, the official introduction of scenic spot, it ranked second, and from our living in the family inn is very near, second days in Penzance, we drove there. The western end of St. Michael mountain is located in the English channel, is a 366 meters away from the coast of the tidal Island, Cornwall castle is also the symbol of the island. A marble paved road connects the island with the inland horse Lazai en Town, when the tide submerged natural path. The opposite is the French, and in France not far from Normandy where there is a Mont Saint Michel, and Saint Michael mountains also have "ebb tide, the tide is the same as the mountain island features". In history, because the San Michael mountains is Cornwall and France Normandy Mont Saint Michel should be relative, so the local people referred to it as "the mountain". The castle of St. Michael of the mountain is very famous, because it is entirely made of slate and granite, therefore in the British Celtic literature known as the "gray rock in the woods". Of course, the name also accurately describes the castle surrounded by mountains. The history of the castle is very special, in 1135, the French conquered here, the Saint Michael mountains to the Mont Saint Michel mountain monk, and built a monastery. In twelfth Century, the monastery was reconstructed Michel abbot Bernard. The top of the castle is the residence of Lord St. levan, after several years, the castle changed hands several times three master. In 1659, the island was sold to St. aubyn Colonel, 300 years later, his descendants Shengliwen count still live in the castle, but he soon put the castle was donated to the British government, and promised to be for visitors. However, the family did not move out of the castle, and the British government reached an agreement to allow their families to live for another 999 years. Queen Victoria visited the castle, and queen Elizabeth S visited it in May 17, 2013. The day we went was Saturday, and the castle family ruled that every Saturday was not open to the public. When we arrived at the parking lot, the staff told us this very seriously, because it costs 3.5 pounds parking fees, but also can not see the castle, we are afraid of losing. The staff also said: "we must return to the parking lot before 12:30 at noon, otherwise, will need to swim the tide back. Because on Saturday, all the ferries stopped." It is a pity that I can’t get into the castle, but walking around the castle of San Michael Hill doesn’t make me and my wife feel disappointed, because we have too many castles in the uk.相关的主题文章:

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