The special action to investigate cases involving forest more than 2 since the crackdown of illegal

The special action to investigate cases involving forest more than 2 since the crackdown of illegal occupation of forest land – Beijing Beijing in October 25 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) 25, the national crackdown on illegal occupation of forest land and other forest related crimes special action will promote held in Kunming. The special action will promote the comprehensive summary of the achievements, analyzing the current grim situation facing the protection and management of forest resources, to further promote the special action in depth, strengthening the construction of ecological civilization and forestry reform and development achievements. Wang Haizhong, director of the State Forestry Administration Forest Public Security Bureau informed the special action. Wang Haizhong introduced the action to carry out the past 2 months, the national law enforcement officers were dispatched more than 41 people (including forestry and forest police more than 26.3 people), investigating cases involving forest 20 thousand and 600, against 23367 criminals, destroyed 94 criminal gangs, involving the administrative punishment of unit 845, confiscated 2647 hectares of woodland, wild animal 21 Yu Wantou (only); cleaning and inspection of wood, the wild animal illegal transaction area 28 thousand and 700 places, processing establishments and wild animal activities; the media tracking reports of the special action 1200 times, receiving the masses clues 6780, according to reports cracked 3661 cases. "The country started in September 1st to crack down on illegal occupation of forest land and other forest related crime special action, in recent years, the State Forestry Bureau, the highest specifications of the momentum of the largest, the most stringent requirements, the target task clear, once the most comprehensive crackdown." Deputy director of the State Forestry Bureau Liu Dongsheng said that the actions carried out in nearly 2 months, the forestry departments at all levels to take the initiative as, leading members of the group cooperation, coordination, active play, forest police full police mobilization, front-line staff hard work, pay close attention to the implementation of the forestry law enforcement, clean up a number of key areas, with emphasis on investigating a number of forest related cases, to create a strong crackdown campaign, rapidly reverse the passive situation, effectively enhance the whole society legal management consciousness, special operations achieved significant initial results. Liu Dongsheng stressed that the forest resources are important national natural resources and strategic resources, in the maintenance of land ecological security has a core position. Forest related crime is a comprehensive reflection of ecological protection areas of various negative factors and extreme performance, which caused an important source of systemic risk factors of forestry, is endangering the ecological civilization construction achievements, to shake the foundation of the Chinese nation’s survival and development. "Facing the protection and management of forest resources situation is very grim, some prominent problems such as the illegal occupation of forest land, forest loss in a surprising number of operating construction projects; some illegal deforestation, destruction of forest land, an extremely bad effect; some by the development of forest economy in the name of deforestation problems; the" million meters of sea birds. "The recent events in some places, illegal hunting and eating wild animal phenomena such as the rebound; in some places in the forest, woodland and forest transfer mechanism is not perfect, the operation is not standardized, there are loopholes in the management, buried under the legitimate rights and interests of forest deforestation, forest resources assets and farmers against risks; in some places to carry out)相关的主题文章:

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