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The route through the trust account within real estate funds to buy shares demand long dark sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money at the weekend feature "Shanghai’s housing prices have risen to heaven, the rich are not at this time to grab room. ‘asset shortage’ continued, this time the stock market is more secure than the property market." An industry source said. The rich are more willing to allow professional investors, such as fund, securities trader in the stock account management for them. Because it is a gray area of regulation, there is no statistics, but this situation is increasing. Reporter Gao Gaifang – the river becomes warm in spring ducks. Trust new A shares account number increased by nearly 140% in August. Shanghai a private person in charge, on the one hand, brokers and fund subsidiaries were forced to stop the channel business and financing business in the SFC "eight line" under pressure, leading to a large amount of funds to enter the A shares through the trust channel; on the other hand, housing prices after a surge in demand, capital route through private equity the increase in the. Capital "changes" in September 22nd, a large Shanghai trust company manager Zheng Hai (a pseudonym) a day in the reception of clients, more than nine have until the evening time to answer the phone China Securities News reporter. "A lot of people in charge of the banking sector and the banking sector." Zheng Hai told reporters, from the beginning of August he was busy. This is from the middle of July under the supervision of the Ministry issued "Securities and futures institutions private asset management business management Interim Provisions" ("Interim Provisions"). The "Interim Provisions" is the information management industry known as the "eight line", including the specific requirements, asset management contract and sales materials shall not contain guaranteed income connotation of expression, such as zero risk, income security, the principal worry; the stock class, leverage hybrid structured asset management plan not more than 1 times leverage fixed income structured asset management plan shall not exceed 3 times the leverage of other types of structured asset management plan shall not exceed 2 times; the total assets of the structured asset management plan accounted for the proportion of the net assets of not more than 140%, non structured asset management plan ("one to many") the total assets accounted for the proportion of the net assets of not more than 200%. These for the brokerage, fund subsidiary channel business is a fatal blow." Zheng Hai said, affected by this, from the beginning of August, more and more banks to find him, to discuss the issue of trust products. "Bank outsourcing capital requirement for high wind control, basically are required to guarantee. New products, even the ‘expected earnings’ are afraid to write, brokerage, fund subsidiary can not do it, the trust can be." In addition to the huge demand outside the bank gradually moved from brokerage and fund subsidiary to the trust company, the stock with the capital business is also transferred. Because of capital constraints, brokerage and fund subsidiaries have basically no longer issue structured products to invest in the stock market. There are a lot of brokers, private find us, ask them to help customers with large capital allocation. Interbank funds, financial funds or self financing as a priority, and the bank is the docking of funds on the coupon相关的主题文章:

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