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The Republicans may face the first people to eliminate the disaster [Abstract] party Trump does not destroy the republican tradition, even the tea party is not, it is you give up the traditional republican. From the tea party movement and the rise of the Republican compromise on that day, the pace began to rout. Authors: Tang Hao (Tencent · author, political science professor Two months later, in the 2016 presidential election when the curtain falls, people will find that any one of the biggest losers in this election is not the two candidates Hilary and Trump in, but the pursuit of short-term political interests but gradually lose their republican. The Republican crisis is a process although the main function is to mobilize the United States parties and elections, the Republican Party in the presidential election of 2016 too did not strive, but analysts generally believe that even if the Republicans win the election, it will be Trump personal victory, rather than the Republican victory. But the problem is that if the Republicans do not rely on Trump, even in a war with Hilary is not qualified. Since the Republican National Convention to nominate candidates for Trump that day onwards, this situation is already doomed. Also in the presidential election process, the Republican Party is facing a huge crisis of division. Senior Republican chiefs and council members, and keep a distance from the Trump have. At the Republican National Convention, more than an important find an excuse to refuse to attend the Party of every hue, Jeb Bush and Rubio · clearly opposed Trump claims. Even worse is that so far there have been more than 50 party bigwigs to support Hilary. If there is a Republican out like Theodore · in the near future; the other group of Roosevelt as a new party, it will not make people strange. As for ordinary Party members and voters, a sharp decline in the sense of identity of the Republican party. A poll conducted by CBS and the New York Times in March showed that 60% of Republican primary voters thought the campaign was more embarrassing and disappointing for the republicans. The historian Richard · Smith believes that "the Republican nomination Trump means hostile takeover Republicans, which will lead to the Republican Party more difficult to manage the anti immigrant anger control and right-wing forces, the nativists will not disappear, they may be more enthusiastic". Just one year ago, the Republican Congress, the local state gain a complete victory in parliamentary elections, but suddenly facing a crisis of confidence of ordinary Party members and voters, even dangerous party split. In fact, the Republican crisis is not starting today. Home party elite and the ordinary members of alienation is a series of events, but the results only defeat. The defeat factor just one year before the mid-term elections and local elections have a victory. The Republican Party’s reliance on the tea party in the election led to its continued loss of tradition, but failed to win the most important voter base for a political party. Since Obama came to power, the tea party strong rise in the Republican party formed a wave of extreme right-wing. The 2010 mid-term elections, 33 tea party candidates won the primaries, 8 tea party candidates won the primaries. The 2014 mid-term elections, tea party.相关的主题文章:

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