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College freshmen encounter interpersonal problem — Education — core tip offers eleven long end, new into the ivory tower of little pomegranate are (2016 freshmen) return to campus, however, many freshmen find and roommates get along, like opening a Pandora’s box: the first month of step tune and intimacy disappeared. It is conflict and estrangement. To this end, Dahe reporter visited a number of colleges and universities in Zhengzhou, combing the 5 major problems, and gives a solution to the relationship between the magic". The case of cold heat, afraid to sleep, habits difficult to coordinate? The freshmen of Henan University of Economics and Law member of Zixin hasjustadmission, roommate. Good times don’t last long, less than a month, roommates because schedules and lifestyle quarreled. Zi Xin said: "the dormitory conditions are good, there is air conditioning, at the beginning we are very happy, but not long after, there is a contradiction, small dew too cold, Tingting afraid of heat. Contradiction appearing. After the summer, do not need air conditioning, and we have a big fight because of the problem. I used to get up early, but the sheep love to sleep late, contradiction again." Yuan Zixin told reporters that, for this reason, two people did not make trouble, although living in a dormitory, now who also ignore who. Magic: step back world wide national two counselors, Henan University teacher Yang Xun said, the freshmen encounter psychological problems is the biggest relationships, friends of places closest and most easy to produce friction. There are contradictions in life is normal, but I believe the problem can always be solved, to see who has the wisdom of life. For example, the problem of air conditioning, afraid to buy a fan of hot, cold clothes to wear. Each step back a little closer to each other." Case II words much less, and roommates to communicate? A month of school, Henan Agricultural University freshman Sun Miaomiao was very careful. "How to talk to mom and dad do not matter, how to talk with the roommate?" Miao Miao said, because of fears and roommates cannot deal with every day, did not dare to speak, afraid to say the wrong thing, create conflicts, and that there are many words want to talk. "I also worry that people talk less misunderstanding oneself aloof, difficult, in the course of time, we won’t talk to me?"   Magic: generous hand, friendship arms "boldly say" nice to meet you, since we are sisters’, in fact, you can break the roommate at the first meeting of the ice." Yang Xun said that respect for each other’s lives is an important prerequisite for roommate exchanges. Yang Xun suggested: "whether introverted, outgoing, as long as there is love in the heart, honest, the other party can feel. Good friends joke, laugh is what a beautiful picture." Yang Xun told reporters that the students in and get along, fast and roommates familiar and sublimation of the feelings of the way together, for example, eat together, drink and chat; go shopping together; for each other to celebrate the birthday feast together;; climbing together; play room escape games, can create opportunities for in-depth exchanges." Case mention money injury does not hurt feelings, want to clearly say a new college in Zhengzhou, Xiao Nan met with money and emotional problems. Roommate small T family is good, love chasing famous brand, buy clothes to buy shoes tend to spend a lot, sometimes相关的主题文章:

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