The play can not miss September Chengdu in addition to these new cars (below) and Hot pot, pe boee

The play can not miss   September Chengdu in addition to these new cars (below) and Hot pot, car BMW new X1 plug-in hybrid version (first auto show) level: compact SUV aspect: BMW X1 is BMW launched in the country’s first hybrid SUV appearance, the new BMW X1 plug hybrid version of the model and the fuel version remained the same, the car can be optional front and rear bumper and body side skirts, front grille, side window, radar, surbase, with the same body color. In addition, the new car also added "I" and "eDrive" exclusive logo, a charging hole is placed in the car in front of the left wing. Power, the new hybrid system is composed of three cylinder 1.5T engine and an electric motor, the maximum power of 151Ps, and matching the 6 speed manual transmission, the integrated fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is only 1.8L. Comment: the new car inherits the excellent quality of the new generation of BMW X1, and equipped with a hybrid system, to further expand the new energy market, with the continuous improvement of facilities, car consumer convenience will also be improved, the market performance is worth looking forward to. An upgraded version of the BMW I3 (auto show) level: small car aspect: I3 upgrade version of the battery capacity of 50% compared to the current model, up to 33kWh capacity car in appearance almost and cash models remain the same, but the power, BMW official said the upgrade after the battery upgrade I3 version of the model in the open air, the pure electric mileage up to 200 km. Comments: BMW I3 upgraded version of the main upgrade in the battery, compared to the previous generation models longer mileage, practicality has been greatly improved. Lincoln Continental (auto show listed) level: medium and large car aspect: Continental Chinese name for the mainland of China, positioned as a large sedan, but also the flagship of the car series, which is also owned by Lincoln, Lincoln. The new use of the rectangular net design similar with the Lincoln MKZ, more stable atmosphere. In the rear part of the Lincoln Continental using the brand commonly used through taillights, more eye-catching. Power systems, the new car will be equipped with 2.0T, 3.0T two EcoBoost engine, in addition with models will also be collocation four-wheel drive system. Comments: as the flagship of the Lincoln brand products, Continental models will compete with Mercedes Benz S, Audi A8 and BMW 7 series and other rivals. Not surprisingly, it will continue to use the Lincoln brand dislocation competition means, in some respects has slightly exceeded the opponent’s specifications. Jac refine S3 (first auto show) level: SUV small aspect: the car from the SC-5 concept car design elements. The fog lights were redesigned headlights using SC-5 concept car design, but the outline of the processing and no concept car as "extreme", the internal structure of the headlight has been adjusted, the new models also reserve the polygon grille. Power, expected the new S3 will continue to refine now)相关的主题文章:

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