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The onion news: a set of equipment to go out almost 2 million from a net red heart heard several colleagues to chat, the next Mary smiled and asked a male colleague: "have you considered the wife?" Male colleague one Leng: "er…… How to suddenly ask this?" Mary said: "what is not, I chat with my husband yesterday to change, we would like to ask how to see…… Would you change it?" Male colleague: "i…… Also want to……" . Mary: "well, my 6 plus is OK, but felt it should be 7 or better……" Two years ago, suddenly thought out 6 times, someone gave me a micro channel asked me to love 6P? I also said: people are a little more ah…… Is this what the summoning ceremony is? —- a few days before the next Pharaoh at an evening of iPhone7 conference, second days ruddy, people will talk, swearing and I complained: the domestic price of how expensive so much! Onions don’t look like you can afford to buy it. – – – spend 7 thousand yuan to buy a new phone – or a small trip…… If you are entangled in this matter, may wish to calm down to think about it, whether they have seven thousand dollars! Look at the good sad ah, do not know what he experienced? —- I feel like our economic strength is shabby forcibly installed B bought iPhone for presence is a wrong behavior. The time is the same as the three hundred and the three million. Thirty and a half of the wine, and the same as the three thousand. Live thirty square meters of the house and a house of three hundred square meters, loneliness is the same. —- we need a sense of presence, something to do with iPhone, none of Hermes and Lamborghini. One day you will understand that the real happiness in your heart is that the material world will never give you. The goddess you don’t go! I don’t want you to BMW! —- I remember when I was young, their buddies are playing slapstick, and I was poker-faced in the newspaper. When there is the feeling of old timers look far ahead from a high plane on my head and said: do things to the children! As he grew up, look back at your life, now is the pinnacle of life reason —- I give this example, is to tell you about a matter of attitude, can see a person’s pursuit, see his personality and quality, which is expected to its future development. – when playing buddies are home to sow, I am now the scenery, hum, you know, go out every day is on. Every morning to go to work, there is always a sense of spectacular tour emperor —- some people put the money to the consumer. Some people take the money to invest in life. Can assert that the savings to buy IP7 customers today, the future certainly not to put money in other areas are more long-term. IP7 accept the reservation. Are you going to buy it? – – – in fact, whether it is a man or a thing, the same starting point, the ideological differences in different directions. Fifteen years ago, China and the United States nearly two search engine companies start. Fifteen years later, in a study of quantum computers相关的主题文章:

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