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The number of tons of heavy trucks will ride 30 people involved in the vehicle multi lift car to save the Modern Express News (reporter Li Weihao) the morning of November 2nd, at Qingfeng road in Xuzhou staged a thrilling and touching scene: two men were both in volume of freight car wheel under the move, but dozens of passers-by, police and auxiliary police rescue actually, Our wills unite like a fortress. weighing several tons, will lift the truck from the side, the two men rescued and sent to hospital for medical treatment. The accident occurred in the morning of 8 o’clock, an accident occurred in the Eastern District of Xuzhou City Qingfeng Road, riding the electric car, the two men unfortunately both were involved in a wagon wheel, the wheel is pressed to move. "We see an accident, quickly rushed past!" A patrol police station Yunlong near the incident, the police station is on duty police officers and police auxiliary Zhao heard bang, looking out from the police station, see a man and a woman lying on a wagon wheel, next to a car electric car fell to the ground. He immediately ran over to save. At the scene of the accident, the man was in the right front wheel truck front, the woman was in the right front side, regardless of whether the vehicle is moving forward or backward will cause incalculable damage to one of them. "Lift the car, put people out again." The police officer’s call, immediately got a response of the crowd. "The scene soon gathered a dozen people, many vehicles owners also stopped to help." An eyewitness told Modern Express reporter, everyone together trying to lift truck, but the car is too heavy once failed, at this time, more and more well intentioned people joined the lift car team, a total of more than 30 people, it weighed several tons of freight carried up from the side. The injured men and women were rescued, 120 ambulance arrived, two people took to hospital. Subsequently, the police rushed to the scene of the accident investigation. A preliminary understanding of the incident at the time, trucks in turn, two people involved in the wheel. At present, the injured in the hospital for treatment, no danger. The people of Henan to save thirty seconds up the bus rescued wounded pressure has nothing to do with the original development of video.

数吨重货车将骑车人卷入车底 30多路人抬车救人 现代快报讯(记者 李伟豪)11月2日上午,在徐州市庆丰路段上演了惊险而感人的一幕:男女两人双双被卷在货车轮下动弹不得,所幸几十名路人、民警、辅警伸出援手,众志成城,硬是将重达数吨的货车从一侧抬起,将两人救出送医救治。事故发生在上午8点多钟,在徐州市东区的庆丰路段发生了一起事故,骑电动车的男女两人不幸双双被卷入一辆货车的车轮下,被车轮压住动弹不得。“我们一看出事了,赶紧就冲过去了!”事发附近有云龙巡防的警务站,正在警务站执勤的赵警官和警辅听到“嘭”的一声,从警务站望出去,见一男一女躺在一辆货车车轮下,旁边有一辆倒地的电动车。遂立即跑过去救人。在事故现场,男子被压在货车右前轮前侧,女子被压在右前轮后侧,不管车辆是前进还是后退都会给其中一人造成不可估量的伤害。“把车抬起来,先把人救出来再说。”在赵警官的招呼下,立刻得到了围观群众的响应。“现场很快就聚集了十几人,很多过往车辆的车主也停下车来帮忙。”一名目击者告诉现代快报记者,大家合力试图将货车抬起,但因车太重一度宣告失败,此时,越来越多的好心人加入了抬车队伍,共有30多人,一下就把重达数吨的货车从一侧抬了起来。受伤的男女被救了出来,等120急救车赶到后,将两人拉着送往医院救治。随后,交警赶到现场,对事故展开调查。初步了解,事发当时货车在转弯时,将两人卷入车轮下。目前,伤者正在医院救治,暂无生命危险。 河南群众全力救人 三十秒钟抬起公交救出被压伤者 拓展视频:与原文无关。相关的主题文章:

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