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The new big burst will split the hotel business hotel group is feasible? After the merger of Sohu science and technology, the United States did not usher in the dawn of imagination. This year in the new high, is still a an eventful year. The cat was splitting up and holding light, the hotel business has recently reported that the upcoming spin off. In fact, about half a month ago, the capital market has been similar rumors. Why the United States Mission Hotel spin off? August 23rd afternoon, well-known from the media people eight sister (public number open eight) broke the news that the United States mission to prepare the hotel business spin off, and independent financing. The eight sister broke the news has always been more reliable, recently broke the news of the acquisition of Ali pea pods, Teng million to disband the news. In addition, early in April this year when the cat’s spin off, "Ali, Baidu also overweight," Wang Xing’s big distance Xinmei fourth pole "throne how far? "In an article we predict, cat’s eye should not be the case, then there will be a big new spin off series of action, after the" cat’s eye, is most likely a takeaway, again is the hotel business." Now it seems that only the order of the exchange. One must talk about why that is, outside new will continue to split the business? This goes back to the new eternal proposition, the contradiction between demand and insufficient blood burn, the new big need to constantly return to the blood. If the United States Mission hotel to split up, one would reduce the overall new capital requirements, a split can be independent of the introduction of new funds, if the introduction of the light that is the controlling shareholder of new large may also through the equity transfer of funds. It sounds like a story and a cat. In fact, the United States as a result of the front line too long, all the main business is in the fierce industry confrontation. Many enemies at the same time, each business is still in the state of severe burn, and in the short term it is difficult to break out. In addition to the film in light is not a temporary shortage of food, the group purchase business rival Baidu Nuomi and Ali reputation, takeaway business rival is hungry, reputation and Baidu takeaway, the hotel business rival is where Ctrip composed of Ctrip, and Ali to go ah. Such a long front, the group besieged on all sides. The U.S. group’s line and not the hotel business in the new architecture new in the large hotel belonging to the tourism group. The new single released from the figures, the U.S. group’s business growth seems to look good. In June this year, the new big had disclosed a few data accommodation business. The main content is that before May this year, the amount of hotel consumption between 46 million, of which, the first quarter of the amount of consumption between the night reached 26 million, an increase of 80%. In addition, 4, 5 for two months, the amount of consumption in the evening of a single month were more than 10 million nights. However, this statement has been questioned in the industry. A OTA practitioners said that new statistical large suspicious, he believes that in the new play touch ball. The main contradiction is that part of the housing is included in the statistics of the number of room nights. In the calculation of diameter of traditional OTA, part of the housing is not included in the calculation of a nocturnal volume,.相关的主题文章:

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