The NDRC interviewed some coal to production lagged provinces seaway

The NDRC interviewed some coal to production lagged provinces development and Reform Commission jointly with relevant departments on the part of the coal production capacity to conduct interviews Chinese lagged provinces according to the NDRC securities network September 14th news, to urge the relevant regions and enterprises to take more effective measures to ensure production target task according to the quality quantity completed on schedule according to the annual coal, iron and steel industry to resolve the overcapacity and coal turnaround the development work of the inter ministerial joint meeting, held a meeting recently, the national development and Reform Commission Operations Bureau in conjunction with the National Energy Bureau of Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, the Secretary for line pipe company, the SASAC restructuring Bureau, to the relevant departments and some provinces lagging behind the progress of the interviews. Informed the meeting of the relevant regions and enterprises of coal production to completion situation, area by analysis of the problems, stressed that the next phase of work to pay close attention to the progress of work, strict production capacity exit inspection, conscientiously do a good job of public announcement, to improve employee relocation work, early planning arrangements for next year. The relevant provincial department is responsible for the position statement comrades, said resolutely implement the inter ministerial joint meeting requirements, to further enhance their understanding, active pressure, to take more effective measures, to ensure timely completion of a comprehensive capacity to target task. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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