The man who robbed back debt hospital vice president Meng stabbed 4 knife jailed for 10 years 巴雷特m82a1

The man who robbed the debt back 10 years before the date of the hospital vice president Meng stabbed 4 knife jailed for robbery, Li Moumou in Dongcheng court for trial. (video screenshot) original title: Xuanwu hospital vice president stabbed murderer jailed for ten years had helped the victims husband do insurance robbery reporter Huang Xiaoyu last November 19th after the implementation of the prior repeatedly Caidian, vice president of a Xuanwu hospital underground parking lot was stabbed the news spread quickly. Recently, the vice president of the implementation of crime murderer Lee in the East Court trial. Court, Lee said his crime was due to economic problems at home, the bank loan, then Meng gave birth to the idea of robbery. Finally, Li Moumou robbery was Dongcheng court sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and fined 20 thousand yuan. Vice President garage knife in November 19th last year in the morning, the underground garage in Fengtai District Yihai Garden District, Xuanwu hospital, vice president Wang was pierced several knives after the hospital rescue. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that Wang was in the area being followed, and met in the garage, chest, neck a total of four knives, although Wang heart lung damage, but fortunately, after the rescue out of danger. After the incident, the City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps and Fengtai Bureau and other departments to set up a task force to carry out investigation. After investigation, police found Moumou (male, 39 years old, Beijing people) have a major crime suspects. In the same year on November 30th, police in Haidian District sheep shop near a district will be arrested moumou. After the interrogation, Moumou knife and stabbed the victim Wang confessed to the crime. According to Moumou account, due to the pressure of debt and premeditated robbery. He says the debt pressure on Tuesday, Li Moumou for robbery in the Dongcheng court for trial. It is understood that Lee was originally an insurance company salesman. For their own behavior, Lee said that because of investment failure, resulting in economic problems at home, he owed more than 60 yuan of bank loans, there are some external debt. On the court, Lee said he felt cornered under pressure, then the initiation of the idea of the robbery. I have been to the victim’s husband handled auto insurance, found her home in addition to a Audi and other cars, the economic conditions should be good, I began to think about her car stolen property." Moumou said. After determining the target, Moumou began careful planning robbery. He bought a mask, gloves, rope, knives and other tools of crime, the underground garage to the hospital several times and even the Capitol after the crime. According to Moumou account, in the first three days before the incident, he went to the library next to the parking lot of Wang squatting point, but Wang did not drive the same day, so there is no robbery. It is worth mentioning that the crime before Lee returned to his family left a "farewell letter", in the letter he claimed to life in trouble, lack of judgment for the problems, want to go forever with debt". For robbery jailed for ten years in the courtroom, Lee pleaded guilty, "I’m very sorry, because of my actions, causing damage to more than one family." Lee said he also wanted to apologize to the victims and her family, hoping to get their forgiveness. become相关的主题文章:

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