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The image of "salvation" air curtain Heilongjiang screenings will – Beijing original title: War image "aviation" salvation screenings will Beijing Heilongjiang curtain to commemorate the "918" incident 85 anniversary in September 18 Harbin Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiju) 18 days, reproducing the pilots returned overseas Chinese during the Anti Japanese war against the enemy moving deeds image "aviation salvation" screenings will be held in Heilongjiang. Committed to the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japan’s history of many experts and scholars gathered in Heilongjiang, in order to watch the documentary, lectures and seminars and other forms of recalling history, to commemorate the 918 anniversary of the incident, the 85. 85 years ago today, the Japanese Kwantung Army made the "918" incident shocked the world, opened a prelude to the Japanese invasion of China; 85 years later, thousands of people pay tribute to war veterans, armed border officers, experts and scholars as well as college students and the community to contribute to the victory of the Anti Japanese war in Heilongjiang Province Library heroes Memorial valhalla. Show meeting, the participants watched the "air" salvation thirty minutes of fine cut version. This exciting video participants seemed to return to the war a hail of bullets. "The Chinese film hawks so young, which makes me doubly moved. On this special day, we honor the air heroes with reverence. They let us know more, peace and blue sky precious." To watch the Harbin public high Yuan said the screenings will. "Aviation" save the nation by the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council guidance China, China news agency produced, Beijing Nanhai Film Company Limited, Beijing Mizuki Xinxin culture media Co. Ltd and the American press joint production. The film is the Central Propaganda Department, the state information office "China record" Communication Engineering film. The film is based on the Chinese pilot war deeds records, a large number of overseas Chinese Anti Japanese war by searching for the pilot, descendants of war witness, experts and scholars, from multiple perspectives, sophisticated production, about Chinese pilots in air combat adventures, depicts a group of heroes, they participate in the reproduction and the fate of the touching story of change, give prominence to the overseas Chinese at the critical moment of national survival, life and blood to participate in the national salvation feat and utter innocence. Analysis of air combat, air combat, Nanjing Shanghai bombing of Chongqing, Wuhan, the American Volunteer air force, air combat fighter classic…… The first disclosure of many wonderful content. After the film aired, the Chinese and overseas audience has received widespread attention and praise. The event, delegates also to veterans of the war Chinese air force war history of flowers, famous expert Mr. Tang Xuefeng made entitled "the sky, in the period of Anti Japanese War China air battlefield" seminar, Harbin northeast Anti Japanese coalition propaganda team directly under the concert "on the Songhua River" and other songs of the war. The screenings will by Beijing media news agency, China Mizuki Xinxin video news department, Heilongjiang provincial library, reading will be jointly sponsored by the Hulan river. Hulan Reading Association Zhang Haining said: "we cannot forget the" 918 "incident, the smoke of war has disappeared, but for those who fought to defend the country, the spirit of martyrs, people will always remember. Do not forget the history in order to face the future, create the future." (end)相关的主题文章:

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