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The first time I heard the treasure called Baba mama, excited? Sohu mother first heard treasure calling Baba Ma Ma, excited? When the baby for the first time the opening is not called Baba mama, super excited? One of the best moments in life is a wood In fact, before this, the baby has been in preparation for it — the language production and interpretation for the look – ripe behind, are precise preparation before, just treasure this preparation, is a kind of instinct. I wonder how to produce "language?" First after the reflection of sound stage, after the babbling stage. What do you mean? Xiao Nan explained the reflection of sound stage: within 1 months of treasure cry, is more like a form of interaction with adults, but no differentiation, no matter what reason let treasure cry, cry is the same tone, which is your guess go slowly". 1 months later, the cry has differentiated treasure, Ma generally can distinguish small fathers cry so hungry, then crying is a little pain. The fifth week, they will treasure this is not cry, groan and moan, the little guy was boring, instinctively playing with her vocal organs, playing occasionally make a sound. Which sounds? The first jump out, is similar to those of a, O, u a and E, and then P, m, B, h, K and other consonants, have no what special significance, as long as a mouth, air from the mouth is out, I really want to say the difference between them, different treasure, open your mouth the size and form of different voices. It’s so simple, no tongue, lips, ah, what things, teeth earlier, they do not know where. The babbling stage? 5 months or so, when the treasure will be pronounced as a game, vowels and consonants together, like what Ba, PA, Ma, but also the same as the above, no significance. Can you think so big treasure, a lot of time every day to find some fun? So the little guy had a hi skin, these sounds again and "Baba Mama" sounds like, look at the little guy is not an opening, you will be happy Pidianpidian? This ecstatic expression, the little guy in the eyes, will be more active to play the pronunciation of the game…… What is so enjoyable. Uncle Zhao said, treasure 9 months, babbling reached a peak, the peak is a good thing ah Bao learns to regulate and control the activities of the vocal organs, after this, the real pronunciation, it is not logical? Also, or how to say baby stage, is the best stage to learn the language? You know, treasure is very sensitive to the language of the stimulus, even less than 10 days of newborns, can distinguish between voice and other sounds. If you can’t tell the difference between the voice, how to understand the language? To 8-9 months, some may still some, some can understand adult language treasure, will respond accordingly, think, is not someone asks me, "where is the treasure of the Baba, small head turned to Baba? Don’t rush to Joseph, treasure.相关的主题文章:

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