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The design of the new day "wild" at   Guangzhou shine — fashion — the night of August 23rd, the twenty-fifth session of the China JEANSWEST casual wear design contest four division ceremony ended successfully in Guangzhou Liuhua exhibition trade center. As the 2016 Guangdong autumn fashion week, the first show, the tournament produced a total of innovative design of the new group of 20, successfully qualify for the finals. The twenty-fifth Chinese JEANSWEST casual wear design contest by Chinese Fashion Association, Chinese Garment Association and JEANSWEST International (Hongkong) Limited jointly sponsored, Chinese society, textile and garment education Hongkong Fashion Designers Association jointly Co. The design contest theme focusing on environmental protection, with pure natural, unrestrained as the idea of "wild" as the theme of the contest, the environmental protection and fashion design combined, let the fresh generations open the brain hole, using the design language to promote a new concept of environmental protection! Since 1993, China’s JEANSWEST cup casual wear design contest has been successfully held 24 sessions. After many years of development, the competition has become the clothing industry, the teachers and students of various schools and the community to compete in the highly respected fashion events, but also in the domestic competition in the same kind of attention and intense competition in the clothing design competition. Since the contest started from the end of March, received a warm response from many outstanding design students, the organizing committee has received from all over the country more than and 100 universities contribute more than 6000 copies. The design works with unique insight into the young generation of fashionable life, with their works publicity youthful dreams, but also through the works of earth sound, promote the spirit of environmental protection!         August 23rd, in the "four battalion" under the guidance of the captain, the 80 group division series contestants competed in the battle of Guangzhou, start to dream, fight for honor. Young designers with their own unique design concept, the interpretation of a different kind of wild". The vice chairman of the association of China fashion designer Liu Yuanfeng, designer Qi Gang Wang Yutao, Golden Award, Ceng Fengfei, Hongkong Fashion Designers Association chairman Yang Qibin and other 7 fashion designers and fashion circles consisting of the "golden jury" is closely linked to the theme of strict selection, the final 20 cutting-edge design sent precious finals tickets.     in the evening, the twenty-fifth JEANSWEST cup division four awards in the youth movement of the opening dance prelude, energetic dancers dressed in JEANSWEST online shopping for new clothing for the autumn, the guests offer a cool dance. The audience to review the moments since the twenty-fifth JEANSWEST cup, from glory to set sail, colleges roadshow, evaluation, and then to the 23 day of intense partition tournament, just a few minutes of video to show the JEANSWEST Cup "wild" journey, feel the young designers dream. With the 20 finalists announced the list of players, design new colorful turns on stage, brought a youth fashion visual feast to the audience. More JEANSWEST and its sister brand new Phil clothing fashion show, fashion, attitude! The first show of the brand is a dynamic box Dance相关的主题文章:

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