The cost of only $15 foreign fancier homemade VR equipment — game

The cost of only $15   foreign fancier homemade VR equipment, game original title: cost only $15! Foreign fancier homemade VR devices now on the market can be said to VR are divided into two types, one is SONY, HTC, three of the cracks in this high-end products. While the rest is in a carton of two convex lens to fill in the low-end VR mobile phone, the two can be said to have a feeling of immersion but for what not as different as heaven and hell, money, or rational consumers, using a mobile phone box experience is also acceptable, but ultimately VR elements in addition to immersive visual. Another important point is that somatosensory operation, it does not have a shy in the bag is also foreign game player to try homemade a household VR, cost only $15, from his description, the effect is really good. Foreign high play homemade VR equipment abroad high play self VR equipment the game player shows the actual effect of self-made VR device, the display of the game is produced by the Vuforia 3D mobile phone games, although the effect is limited, but the game player is playing awfully obsessed, enjoy the fun in DIY also had a VR. VR production equipment production equipment production equipment VR VR making the name Matthew Hallberg DIY Master also drying out in the online process of his DIY, the required material: head mounted display about a smart mobile phone, a value of $10, where the game player choice is the price of Google $10 cardboard. The cost of $15 (not including the head mounted display) used in almost all of his "guns", he made the "gun" with cardboard and plastic plate, through the button on the handle to control the direction of fire and. Of course, the effect will not be very good, but the player’s creativity and practical ability is worthy of our admiration. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

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