The campus no mobile phone, which is right and which is wrong winbook

The campus no mobile phone, which is right and which is wrong? Author Xia Wenhui commentary went to school season, don’t let the child bring mobile phone to school, this makes people very tangled. The children love mobile phone, besides convenient telephone, and with or without psychological comparisons, who let the children do not put the mobile phone game; parents very contradictory, although children with mobile phone but no child with a mobile phone There are both advantages and disadvantages., seems to have lost the absolute; the school is the most headache, a key principal of the school said. Formulate relevant regulations, strictly prohibit students from using a mobile phone in the classroom, most will be limited to expand the scope of the campus, but the school is not banned students from carrying mobile phone into the campus, because without him, the students are "safe" and "right", only to have a parent asked: no phone can not contact the child? School is not good to mention the campus ban on mobile phones. But the impact of mobile phones to students, has been too big to ignore. The most common scene is that when a group of children together, each holding a small cell phone, no communication. American children psychologist Stephen · Joan released the latest mobile phone "to affect adolescent" report of American students 5 years reading volume declined to make a regular observation is only when reading a ranking of the fun, children can choose to read. The current situation is that, for most children, the fun of mobile games is far beyond reading, the children gave up active reading. Mobile phone is really hate. Recently, the U.S. "time" magazine named the 50 most influential technology products, occupy the top position, apple first launched in 2007 iPhone mobile phone, the "time" of the evaluation is: "this is a really strong into the tens of thousands of people in the computer bag". There is no doubt that the birth of smart phones is a major revolution in human life science and technology, just in terms of access to information, knowledge is revolutionary. Not only newspapers, but also paper books, will be replaced by a pen like a pen, and eventually become a gentle reading interface. Mobile more convenient, holographic reading media will win. This is the positive side of scientific development, but in reality, when only less than 10 years of history of the apple and other smart type mobile phone is affecting all people, are on students’ reading, learning and life habits including negative influence, home, school, three students how to deal with? Former New York Mayor Bloomberg is an expert, the billionaire mayor of New York in more than and 10 years, with "autocracy" is known, such as the city of New York in 1988 by the provisions of the students in a pocket or bag cannot have a mobile phone or other electronic products, to Rhomberg Gee, he ordered the school has the right to conduct random scan check to find and remove disable items, including mobile phone, once found directly confiscated. Such practices have been part of a protest by parents, public interest lawyers and even threatened to sue the city authorities, and some people in the town hall demonstrations. This Bloomberg threw a sentence: "the school is a place of learning." Bloomberg said well, but those who insist that children can use the mobile phone parents do wrong? In 2015, the British Ministry of Education commissioned a neutral body on whether or not相关的主题文章:

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