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The breakdown of the father in the family education in the five deadly sins, to see you? Sohu if my mother with mother can give a child a sense of security, to take care of the child’s life, cultivate delicate and good children, so dad gave children more independent, strong initiative, problem solving, optimistic face setbacks, are indispensable. At the gate of a kindergarten, there is always a foreign father waiting for his child. His elevation is very high, in the woman pile, extremely conspicuous. "Don’t you work?" The old man is always curious about. "Work." He is always in a bad mood. Occasionally, he will also look at the computer, the phone, but when the children come, always immediately turn off the computer, hang up the phone, the tall body always squat down, and his children went to the bosom. Later, the foreign father asked, "why is the Chinese restaurant, the school gate, the playground is the mother and the old man to accompany the child, where is the father of China?" Yeah, where’s daddy in China? This sentence tells how many mothers and children’s aspirations ah! When it comes to education for children, many people think it will behoove is the responsibility of mother, in real life, always hear a lot of mothers complain that children like to man’s little change, responsible father may be harder to make money, but other amateur life, almost no effect. Remember to see Jackie Chan interview, he said that one time to pick up the school did not receive Jaycee Chan, because his son has been in high school, he went to school to pick up. Perhaps the audience laugh, after all, big brother stars. But for that little Jaycee Chan: he had a famous father, but rarely get a blessing, it is so poor. A survey shows: even if it is still in the hazy state of the baby, he will appear because of the lack of fatherly love and anxiety, loss of appetite, depression, irritability and other " "’s typical symptoms of deficiency syndrome. The lack of a father’s younger child, the greater risk of syndrome. Both parents in the family, but the lack of fatherly love grew up in a child with " "’s deficiency syndrome may be greater. Children with less syndrome, high school dropout rate of 2 times, a high crime rate of 2 times, the possibility of becoming a single girl grew up after the mother is more than a factor of 3. Dad in the education of children in the five sins forever playing mobile phone maybe some father will take their children to play a joke. However, the reality is often: we can see the father of the people and the children really stay together, but the eyes are always on the phone screen. I do not know when to start, the phone has become a barrier between father and child. Dad is either at work or at parties. Even if they could go home early, they would have to stay in bed all night and play on the sofa. Weekend can take the children out to play, he may not be devoted to accompany the child to play, while the phone for a while WeChat, or in the browser. The name is to take the children out to play, but in fact!相关的主题文章:

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