The 70 year old woman and married widowed after trouble after hundreds of years and who buried govos

The 70 year old woman and married widowed after trouble: after hundreds of years and who is buried? Washington (reporter correspondent Hua Zhen Tao for her mother-in-law) widowed, and first love again went to live in Zhengzhou, two people living together for nearly ten years. Three or four years ago, her stroke back to the Han, cut off contact with the first love, now the mother began to worry about their own things behind: after the death of the who buried? She recently commissioned a friend to call this newspaper to seek a solution. Zhang Popo (Surname) 83 years old this year, at the age of more than and 60, wife husband He Diedie (of surname) died. In the sad and lonely spent a few years later, Zhang mother-in-law’s first boyfriend Chen Diedie (of surname) to Chinese workers, establish and Zhang mother-in-law, when Chen dad have been divorced for many years. Because it is a junior high school students, and had had a relationship, get along two or three years later, the two intend to get married. Chen Diedie has a house in Zhengzhou, and married Zhang Popo to Zhengzhou to live together, receive Zhang mother is 70 years old. Two people get along very well, but a long time, and the different habits and interests of the two people gradually emerged. Chen Dad love reading, go to the library every day running, come back for dinner, Zhang mother-in-law one cooking laundry at home, so I feel lonely, two people’s feelings are gradually. 4 years ago, Zhang mother-in-law minor stroke, life can not take care of themselves, Zhang mother-in-law children that situation from the Zhengzhou back to take care of. According to Zhang Popo’s friends, back to Wuhan, Chen did not take the initiative to call the phone concerned about Zhang’s mother, Zhang mother-in-law call each other, the other party is not connected. Now a woman is 83 years old, began to worry about his funeral. And because Chen dad all these years do not live together, Zhang mother-in-law still want to his first wife and Daddy where buried together, but Chen dad’s divorce and do not, it is still the Chen family, died and was buried at home what is what?" Zhang Popo is very anxious. Zhang Popo’s friend said, in fact, Zhang’s children feel, Zhang after her father died and buried his father, nothing wrong. But Zhang mother-in-law still uneasy, hope that after hundreds of years of being buried with her ex husband right and proper. She wants a divorce now, but she can’t find dad. In this regard, the reporter has to call Hubei Baorui Tianyuan lawyer Zhang Jianhao, a lawyer said that if Zhang Popo can not find Chen Dad agreed to divorce, and indeed Chen dad separated for more than two years of facts, can directly Sue divorce in the area of jurisdiction of the court to receive a marriage certificate. At the same time, the Municipal Women’s Federation staff suggested that the elderly should carefully consider the possibility of successful marriage to remarry, through in-depth understanding of contact and personal experience, establish emotional foundation necessary, remarried should have a correct view of marriage and family relations, and learn to adapt to a new partner, there are fully prepared for our family of possible problems. At the same time, it is recommended that the elderly to sort out their pre marital property, to avoid their own property is not clear to undermine the feelings of the couple or the two sides for their children and property disputes.相关的主题文章:

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