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The children take the elevator, don’t forget these things – Sohu [laughs] all maternal every boy’s mother: This is the one million, would you please leave my son. The girl silently took the check and said, "well, I will disappear from you from now on. But I’m pregnant, and I’m gonna give it up. The boy’s mother said, "no, you just gave birth to the child. The girl kept silent for a long time finally said that how to face the child! Not your son. [text] usually take the children out, will inevitably encounter the need to do it now, lift, elevator has become the people to transport building. Although the elevator brings much convenience to people, but sometimes also have certain security risks, especially the elevator together with children, children born to encounter things must find out, at this time, parents should do to ensure the safety of children take the elevator, today, a good baby Xiaobian take you to understand. Take straight down the ladder need to pay attention to: 1, in addition to special circumstances, it is best not to let the children alone to take the ladder, so as not to meet the critical situation of children can not make the right self-help. 2, children under the age of 3 had better hold the adults, do not let the children themselves into the elevator, in order to avoid danger. 3, and children take the elevator, do not let the child flap closed car door, to prevent the door suddenly opened, the child’s hand is likely to be opened with the door into the gap. 4, once really caught into cracks in the parents must first calm, do not press the open or close button, it will hurt your baby’s hand, the correct approach is hard to extrapolate the car door, pulled the child’s hand and gently pushed the door in the moment. 5, do not let the child in the car inside the bounce, so easy to make the elevator cable fault occurs, the rapid rise or fall. Note: take the escalator 1, best not to let the children alone take the escalator, especially to out of the escalator or the moment on the escalator to the parents to care for children or directly by holding the child, to prevent accidents from happening. 2, take the escalator, parents should hold the child’s hand, standing on the escalator on the right side, let the children stand in front of your body or the parallel position and their parents, the right hand hold handrail, prevent accidental fall, at the same time, the best and other passengers up and down the stairs holding one to two steps distance. 3, take the escalator as far as possible not to take things in the hands of children, do not tease the child to play, because if something falls, you will pick up, but the elevator is running, so that it will occur stampede. 4 children under the age of 5, take the escalator when try not to wear Crocs, soft material sandals are likely to be involved in the escalator, and involved in, safety device of elevator elevator outage may not be timely start. 5, too many people, it is best not to take the baby to take the escalator. When the elevator malfunction, parents should do? Take the ladder: if trapped in an elevator, parents must first calm, don’t be impatient,!相关的主题文章:

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