Starring Shinohara Ryoko drama love for a dual role

Starring Shinohara Ryoko drama "love" for a dual role of Shinohara Ryoko drama costume Sina entertainment according to Japanese media reports, Japan Taiwan actress Shinohara Ryoko retired special play "begging" interpretation of love, is mistreated by her mother daughter story, her first challenge two roles, one is from mother abused heroine that is a mother of a child abuse. "For love" based on the novel by Shimoda Harumi, tells the story of childhood abuse by the mother woman to go to his father’s hometown of Taiwan to find the remains, also find the real stories of their own. "Love" for 1998 has launched a live action film, starring actress Harada Mieko, her excellent performance has attracted much attention in Japan, when the film Oscar won best film, best actress eight awards. Shinohara Ryoko had seen "begging for love" version of the film, and by the impact, she said: "I thought that if do actor, expect to have the chance to meet this work, so when I decided by starring I very happy." The day before the drama has ended, Shinohara Ryoko first challenge two roles, one is do not know how to love their children and use abuses mother Feng Zi, one is not getting what caring adult heroine as Hui, Shinohara Ryoko said: "I thought it would be very difficult, but these two characters are characteristic, is worth to play, shooting every day is very full." In Japan about child abuse event also increased year by year, Shinohara Ryoko and her husband Ichimura Masachika have two children, she said: "one of the reasons I in this work, it is regrettable abuse has become a social problem, hope that more people can pay attention to this problem. We are very serious about every scene and hope that more viewers can see the work." The drama will be aired in winter. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章:

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