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Hot hand co – creative – New delicious cuisine and Sohu located in Xiamen Western art in the Shapo tail opened a new restaurant, called hot hand were cooking. Into the western art far to see a little red devil, very eye-catching, is the original store logo. entered the shop, found that the space is quite spacious, not cut off too much, more is a mix of feeling, it seems to the late night can speed the seamless switching mode into a nightclub. Spicy, spicy dishes as the name suggests, or a lot. For example, the winter Yingong Sichuan lamb grilled fish, a small fire to simmer, Angus more tasty Sichuan method beef, with good spicy beef to do is the first time to eat. Spicy spicy taste to highlight the quality of beef! Sesame oil bubble kidney, small plate chic. The taste is better! Cool thin crisp kidney do not smell of mutton, sesame oil and the taste is also very good absorption in aroma! Laodie oyster taro rice wheatgrass salad flame rich wine, drunk goose, goose soft pomegranate in cucumber, beautiful color, taste fresh chicken soup with Japanese black garlic, black garlic into the soup, the color is not very good, but wins back in the sweet soup, a very nourishing soup oh!相关的主题文章:

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