Spa Xindu peacock City capital that a south south of the day

Spa Xindu peacock City: capital that a "south south" day spa Xindu peacock city (real estate information) 63-160 square meters spa mansion open livable life ten years once the real estate market gold forward delivery housing history tells us that the rise of each region are accompanied by a market opportunity. Over the past ten years, the highest price gains in the area are gathered demand to promote a product, such as Tongzhou, Wangjing, Yizhuang, in promoting the living environment and industrial upgrading through more than 8 times the price rise, more than 5-6 times the average increase of the city. With the real estate into the new normal, in the past only valued the concept of investment values continue to upgrade, ecological living + value appreciation, property buyers believe that a good house conditions! Under the Beijing collaborative development, Beijing staged a drama city reconstruction. With the gradual implementation of the south city plan and the new airport, Beijing general trend to the south. Bazhou city traffic hub as Jingnan, the best time is to usher in the development of the. The national certification of the capital circle to create livable homeland spa spa Xindu peacock City conform to the "green" as the core of planning, with the core concept of people-oriented, created in accordance with the "ecological, green and humanization" livable city. For example, in the planning, the peacock city to shape the central service axis – one axis two core, to strengthen the hot spring elements, the characteristics of the Zhang Xian hot springs, nodes connected in series to form a central service axis, radiation surrounding groups. In the old age, the construction of the four systems, the 12 modules, to create the capital side of the old spring series of hot spring health care function matching. At the same time, the configuration of a full range of livable systems, such as the theme of food and beverage, sports health system, etc., in line with the health, harmony, accessibility and other ecological requirements. 330 thousand square meters of Central Park, a new generation of super livable town south of Beijing along the shade, all the way back to the Hot Springs Scenic Area, Xindu peacock City, foreign owned acres of plain forest, the owner of 330 thousand square meters, Central Park international spa park golf course, 3 ecological park, every day in nature, enjoy life fun. 20 Hot Springs Resort Hotel, 3 experiential shopping center, the four major functions of a club station to enjoy life, to meet the long home. Peacock city planning work, life, ecology of the new generation of the new generation of super livable town. The first wild animal habitat, the ecological planning of small and large scale natural green corridor, to realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature; the super green road system and two level system can park leisure sports venues whenever and wherever possible for town residents; build 10 minutes walk and 10 minutes circle circle full function of supporting life, meet the town residents 10 minutes away from work, life and ecological demand. Beijing PA Chengtie is expected to be completed in 2019, enjoying convenient and convenient traffic conditions is the primary condition around the Beijing real estate development. Hot springs is located in Beijing, Tianjin Xindu peacock City, Baoding three City Center for South regional transportation hub, with the Beijing Tianjin wide Langzhuo three horizontal and two vertical cross traffic network; Beijing, Daguang, new airport 3 high-speed there; jinbaogaotie, Tsubo speed, the new airport docking. The Beijing high-speed rail is expected to be completed in 2019, then, the traffic network will be further upgraded, a rate of 1相关的主题文章:

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