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SONY Matsushita will jointly develop 8K TV to wrest leadership from the ROK enterprises Tencent technology news according to Nikkei News reported on Friday, Japan’s SONY, Matsushita and NHK TV will establish a strategic alliance, set the resolution of the 8K development of the next generation, in order to leadership in the TV market to regain the Japanese enterprises. In the field of flat-panel TVs, Japanese companies in the past in the lead, but then gradually by South Korea and Chinese enterprises. Last year, the world’s ten largest flat-panel TV manufacturers, only two Japanese companies, namely SONY and SHARP. Today, SONY and Panasonic plans to focus on the next generation of 8K products, take the initiative. Currently on sale in the market is Ultra HD 4K TV, and the resolution of 8K is four times higher than 4K. Even in the future on a large screen TV, but also to show a vivid picture. According to the plan, Japanese companies will mass production of 8K TVs in 2018. 8K TV, is also facing a number of technical problems, so SONY and Panasonic will also invite other Japanese companies to join the R & D alliance to share R & D costs. NHK is Japan’s largest public television, in the alliance, the station is responsible for the development of relevant television transmission standards, to ensure that 8K TV live broadcast. The alliance will also develop data compression technology, audio technology. In addition, after the completion of the integration of Fujitsu and Panasonic related businesses Socionext, 8K TV will also develop related processors. SONY plans to start selling 8K TV in 2020. Panasonic Corp has not yet set a timetable, but plans to use the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to bring the TV boom. It should be noted that Panasonic and SONY is only the establishment of the alliance in the technical developers, the future in the market, the two companies will still be opponents, so it will be realized in the TV product differentiation competition. In addition to the TV, 8K technology also needs to cooperate with Ultra HD video, but also need to build from scratch, so the 8K market takeoff, will be a slow process. Allegedly, because of the relatively high cost of research and development, SONY and Panasonic are aware, if alone, is likely to cause a loss, so the establishment of the alliance is the best choice. In addition to the development of 8K TV, the two companies will continue to upgrade the current sales of 4K TV, 4K has become the mainstream TV market, is currently selling well. In addition, 8K technology is not limited to television, SONY and Panasonic also plans to apply the technology to other products, such as digital cameras, etc.. In short, Japanese companies want to be able to get the support of the Japanese government funds, in the 8K technology on the Japanese label, so that Japan’s consumer electronics companies to get the chance to revive. In 8K technology, Japanese companies will also face competition from South Korea and Chinese companies. According to media reports, some TV panel manufacturers in Taiwan China, for example, Innolux Optronics has also launched a large size 8K TV panel, or planned to delivery to the TV manufacturers. In addition, China BOE, for production of 8K panels 65 inches or more, for the market. (Comprehensive dawn) promotion: VR is playing games!相关的主题文章:

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