Sichuan Luojiang concrete in the construction site collapsed to 9 people injured (Figure) – Sohu new kimi wo omou melodi

Sichuan Luojiang concrete in the construction site collapsed to 9 people injured (Figure) – the scene of the accident rescue workers are searching for buried Sohu news workers. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Chengdu in September 17,   (reporter Liu Zhongjun) Sichuan Luojiang County Government Information Office informed that 17 day at 16:16 in the afternoon, a concrete construction site in the construction of the county in the process of collapse, killing 9 people were injured, including 1 seriously hurt. Luojiang county official said in his briefing, the 17 day at 1:50 in the morning, a construction site in the construction process of Luojiang concrete collapse occurred, 8 people were slightly injured, 1 people were in serious condition. After the incident, the local rescue forces rushed to the scene, according to the relevant regulations for on-site treatment, the injured were sent to the county hospital for further treatment. At the same time, Luojiang county government launched the emergency plan, the establishment of the county Party committee and government leaders for emergency work group leader to do on-site disposal, the wounded and their families emotional comfort, and quickly carry out relevant investigation. At the same time emergency organization, to carry out safety inspections again to ensure the safety of the work in place. At present, 9 injured in hospital for treatment of severe injury, after treatment after stable vital signs, consciousness. Casualty treatment and disposal of the accident investigation is carried out in an orderly manner. Author: Liu Zhongjun相关的主题文章:

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