Show wise Lim Yoona fashion dress by hand a profile coat stellarium

Suzy Lim Yoona fashionable dress by one profile coat lead: South Korean actress winter street when love is estimated coat look, ten and nine are the body coat collocation, simple and elegant, full of temperament, the study of their coat collocation. (source: Beautiful Web content) when Suzy Xiu Zhi attended the event, wearing a classic camel coat with blue and white vertical stripes shirt, makes people feel fresh. In the profile when the power of the coat, she this simple fit coat appears neat, red high-heeled shoes were woman. Kim Hee Sun beauty Kim Hee Sun coming out of the airport, with a grey coat with black pants and black boots, fur coat shoulder stitching add luxury and extravagance, the bag is blue lady fan show. Xu Xian members Xu Xian wearing a very fire this year long coats at airports, plus a classic and elegant lattice design and retro atmosphere, show the charm behavior between. Lim Yoona Lim Yoona’s new film, she wore a black knitted hat, wearing a grey wool coat in a black turtleneck sweater, handsome charming, very cute adorable than selling V. The high grey coat with simple all-match, looking at the advanced texture, is a tool to enhance the temperament. Actress Pu Suzhen Pu Suzhen wearing a black coat with a white turtleneck profile, with the details of the white coat pattern embellishment, fresh delicate, avoid dull black, such collocation look very warm.相关的主题文章:

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