Shelter for victims of limited help to provide legal aid services in Beijing stellarium

Shelter for victims to provide legal aid to help Co. and other professional services – Beijing, according to statistics, nationwide, had been subjected to different forms of family violence spouse, women accounted for 24.7%, the male victim cases have also occurred. According to the rights and interests of the Department responsible for the National Women’s Federation, the existing domestic violence shelters for victims of last year a total of more than 2000, providing shelter to serve 149 passengers. Why will appear more sites, shelter less situation? Shelters provide more effective assistance to victims of domestic violence? Not long ago, from his hometown in Jiangsu to work in Yangzhou, Li took a 10 month old baby boy to the victims of domestic violence in Yangzhou women and children shelter Center (hereinafter referred to as asylum Center) to seek help. With the "male master outside, the mistress" of the traditional family, Lee has always been dependent on his wife in the economy. Because of his wife often punches, plus the marital infidelity, throwing them out of Yangzhou, Li is unable to live independently, to seek asylum. According to reports, the initiative to seek asylum in the center is the first case. In Jiangsu, victims of domestic violence are less likely to seek asylum. A lot of domestic violence was women’s economic independence is poor, is too dependent on men, victims of domestic violence and beared by violence; male, out of the face and other reasons, are reluctant to seek help. More than 20% women suffer domestic violence, child abuse phenomenon repeated one day in March this year, Ms. Zhao in Yangzhou to work with a 3 month old boy came to the shelter for help. She sobbed to his staff, with her husband and mother-in-law originally lived in Yangzhou, due to the contradiction between life style and idea etc. is difficult to reconcile, and finally in a fierce quarrel with her mother after bloom away. Shelter staff to verify the name, age, nationality and identity information to Zhao, and arranged for her to check in. Considering that the child is still small, in addition to guarantee accommodation, catering needs of Ms. Zhao, the staff also helped her buy milk, diapers and other baby. After all the arrangements, the staff of her appropriate psychological counseling, Zhao’s mood gradually calm down. A few days in the asylum center, Ms. Zhao’s husband did not show up, she decided to return to his home country, sent by the asylum to escort her home to Guizhou. A survey from the Yangzhou women’s Federation shows that domestic violence around the country repeatedly, causing social harm can not be ignored. At present, the phenomenon of discrimination against women, neglect of abuse of the elderly, children and other children of violence, in some families often appear. The results of sampling survey from the National Women’s Federation and the National Bureau of statistics of the third China women’s social status, nationwide, had been subjected to different forms of family violence spouse, women accounted for 24.7%; nearly 3 years of Yangzhou city women’s federation system also reflects the petition reception, year of marriage and family problems are about 600, which relates to family violence accounted for 13, from the rural areas, the weak economy, low educated women are more vulnerable to domestic violence, had beaten the old man and the child’s family accounted for more than 50%. Therefore, domestic violence is still a prominent issue of women and children rights. Continue)相关的主题文章:

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