Secret Tsinghua teachers cheated 17 million 600 thousand truth is really fooled because of the truth yo te amo

Secret Tsinghua teachers cheated 17 million 600 thousand truth is really fooled because they are really stupid stupid? IT male insurance caught Tsinghua teachers cheated 17 million 600 thousand people from the truth: I public insight with hair standing on end in our society, there are always some people, brain circuits and many people do not like. The evil of the telecommunications swindler light caused the death of Xu Yuyu’s tuition, these people first thought, this is not a bad liar, but the students are so stupid, walking in the street harassment infringed or raped mental quality why some girls so fragile, these people first thought, not to punish the criminals, but this girl is not wearing too exposed, wanton too coquettish. Their logic is very strange, why so many people on the street they do not harass the special harassment you. Like some innocent child crying about the bullying, but also some people do not condemn the campus violence, but why the school there are so many people they do not bully, just to humiliate you. They are always sure of himself, not be cheated, convinced that he had found all piercing eye tricks. They have always believed that they were cheated because they were stupid, but that they came from ignorance and poverty. In the Darwinian view of social evolution. Their logic is clear and powerful. That is the poor = = = = stupid stupid deserve to get cheated without the right of living = damn. However, with the development of science and technology to build increasingly sophisticated scam, the wise guys, the aging IQ sooner or later have to keep up with the day, and then cheated, whether to lament because of his stupid? Was it really stupid? Two things happened recently, may disprove this point. An always high enough to maintain vigilance, familiar with a variety of fraud, liar and think they can talk cheerfully IT male, after a move, it is impossible to guard against all kinds of feeling of fraud, and wrote his own experience, feeling the old driver also almost had an accident. Liar phone calls and text messages, just with a seamless heavenly robe. A lot of people look at the person’s experience, said the pit is everywhere, it makes my hair stand on end, I might have been fooled! The key to dealing with this type of fraud is to firmly abide by the principle that no one wants to verify the code! Another thing that just happened tonight. A professor at Tsinghua University, in the middle of the night just Telecom fraud liar cheated 17 million 600 thousand yuan!!! It is published by the Tsinghua University building property service center "LCD alarm notification" said, August 29th at 23:25 in the evening, Zhongguancun police station received 110 lanqiying area of Haidian District, Tsinghua University, a teacher, was posing as public security, telecommunications fraud 17 million 600 thousand yuan. The police then clear: Tsinghua teachers were telecommunications fraud is true, the police have been involved in the investigation. Haidian police also reminded the public, do not listen, do not believe, do not transfer, enhance self-protection awareness. However, as you might expect, perhaps too many swindlers, we become accustomed to, many people’s eyes fell on the "big相关的主题文章:

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