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Scan code display fake "authentic"   anti fake label into "accomplice" — financial fraud — label is an important means to fight against counterfeit goods. However, the reporter learned that the investigation, anti-counterfeit labels these seemingly "high technology", but it can easily buy on the Internet: a security label takes less than a penny, two-dimensional code security scans can modify; some counterfeit goods with false label verification, it became the "genuine"…… Why is it hard to fake security labels? Fake scan code actually shows the genuine security label not recently users post security, described his own experience: a cheap discount designer bag, sales staff claimed to be authentic, and the label has a two-dimensional code can check the authenticity of the purchase; after scanning the two-dimensional code label for mobile phone, immediately pop up a web page this package, display genuine". At that time, careful users found that the package was too rough to buy, to find a brand agent for consultation, confirmed that this package is a counterfeit product. Why sweep the two-dimensional code display genuine is fake? This post, netizens responded that, the security label "security", undoubtedly contributed to the fake and shoddy products producers unhealthy tendencies. This reporter has learned that fake check security has shown genuine event had occurred. Guangxi police recently cracked a case in the production of counterfeit brand shampoo, police seized items, including more than 15 fake shampoo bottles, large and medium-sized production line equipment 15 Taiwan, and packaging anti-counterfeiting label OEM 200 10000. In the warehouse, the reporter saw these counterfeit shampoo bottle, trademark, logo (stickers and labels), and almost circular Logo Cap genuine as like as two peas; with a stick, writing above security check the URL of the website and telephone; and the label reads "fiber concavity with a needle, can be singled out", the reporter tried to pick out the needle, found that can pick several thin fibers. The reporter took a bottle of fake shampoo to store some advice and shopkeepers have said, it is difficult to distinguish, regardless of appearance or smell, are difficult and genuine difference. There is a shop owner with the WeChat sweep function scan the bar code on the counterfeit shampoo bottle, immediately display the commodity name and market price. This is exactly the same as in the supermarket to buy genuine shampoo scan code. Selling these counterfeit shampoo suspect Moumou said, OEM trademark anti-counterfeit labels and other false materials, is through the network to buy. OEM counterfeit trademark, some 0.12 yuan, some 0.13 yuan a. Buy security labels without proof of a single price of less than 1 cents simulation of such a high degree of security labels come from? What proof and procedures are needed for the purchase of security labels? Reporters in the online shopping platform input keywords two-dimensional code security, can be found to nearly a thousand related results. Reporters to the identity of the buyer and several business contact, they said, in addition to the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit labels, also provide "laser anti-counterfeit" temperature Bianhuo baking security "" water security "disappeared" fluorescent security "and other market more flow)相关的主题文章:

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