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The sale of Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile business high Dongzhen president bowed in apology Samsung mobile business President Gao Dongzhen (DJ Koh). The Tencent of science and technology news according to U.S. technology blog Gizmodo reported that Samsung held a press conference in Seoul today, that will recall the Galaxy Note7 intelligent mobile phone in the global scope. Galaxy Note7 Samsung mobile phone business person in charge of the high Dongzhen said in ten markets has been on sale Galaxy Note7, will stop selling work. In addition, for the problem of high Dongzhen battery products are. Galaxy Note7 battery defects may cause cell phone explosion when charging. Galaxy Note7 in addition to the fire, Samsung Electronics decided to postpone the original scheduled for 2 days in the UK, France and other major European countries Galaxy time to market. On the Chinese market, Samsung has said that the phone is not available in China to sell the battery supplier, Note 7 will be on sale in china. The details of the global replacement program has not yet been disclosed, how to deal with the Chinese market is not clear. The massive recall for the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer is undoubtedly an embarrassing event, to know Galaxy Note7 just released last month. At the same time, Samsung’s old rival Apple Corp will release a new generation of iPhone next week. Samsung Electronics said it had sold Galaxy Note7, no matter when consumers buy, Samsung Electronics will replace it. Yonhap reported earlier, five worldwide fire Galaxy Note7 charging report. Samsung Electronics said that it has been aware of the world’s 35 such reports, but now found that there are problems with the 24 Galaxy Note7. Samsung Electronics said that the preparation time for the recall may take two weeks. According to market research firm IDC data, the second quarter of this year, Samsung Electronics has the largest share of the global smart phone market, to $22%, while Apple was $12%. IDC said earlier, because the Galaxy S7 sales, Samsung benefited from the second quarter performance for two years, the Galaxy Note 7 is expected in the second half of this year will be the continuation of this series of products. However, IBK Securities analyst in Seoul Lee Seung, said: "the unexpected recall will annoy consumers, some of the recent situation does not look good Woo." Lee Seung Woo previously expected Galaxy Note 7 shipments this year for the Department of the 14 million, after this incident, which will be shipped to the unit this year, down to 12 million. He also expects to be affected by the battery products will reach about 1 million, of which 600 thousand have been sold overseas. (compile Eru) promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR is here, focusing on the VR dimension!相关的主题文章:

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