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[reading] what no man "-" shouzhisangyu nasal maternal @ 1980 the Sohu recently read a wide expanse of mist-covered waters made the picture not too much, perhaps into a strange phenomenon. Perhaps it was my contact the domestic picture books may be read less and less! Well, promotion activities more contact with foreign picture book award. As the saying goes: foreign monks chanting, foreign picture books are very popular. Don’t say no, so their children cubic produced, for example: the British "dinosaur poop series" and Japan’s "dream" series, Mr. eat America’s "dream" full moon night, it said the book is also good. Whether it is from the design style, painting and text story is full of playful and imaginative, I very love several series. I recently read the book: simple Japanese picture more beautiful with healing; Europe and the United States Department of books is more fantasy imagination. I recently read a book — a domestic canopy "no man" style, nose, warm ocean does not color, nostalgia, with artist personal characteristics not adorable Department nor realistic animal, who are also round. Animal as the protagonist, told a self understanding, bearish deficiencies, the inside story of powerful. The connotation of inherent meaning, see this book, and slowly placed more expectations on the domestic picture book. The main character of the story is a cat with no nose. It was kept by an old tailor. In the book, it is called "no nose buddy," a cat without a nose does not look so cute on the outside, and he thinks so. The same Persian cat fierce; long eared rabbit Tucao, which poke the pain points; the ugly Bulldog that it is in the way; even the natural enemies of the mouse can not put it in the eye; as a cat, it is no confidence no nose man, just because it is a defect of cat a cat has no nose, a smell taste cat. Insert picture books in the way, when it comes time, domestic sewing machine carefully observe the old tailor, time not too long, but not too modern period from now how many years can not test. I called Master hand, old sewing machines look at picture books in feeling particularly friendly, and the old tailor pattern, Michi, coil, and so on. At this time, the child should carefully observe the cat and the old tailor with the old sewing machine sewing thread wrapped around the neck of the cat. That’s the magic man nose, winning artifact. No nose man kept in the old tailor, monasteries to learn tailor not learn some skills, such as: the beginning of the man with a small nose no spool, thimble, thread, button design "nose" for myself, I think this cat is very creative, a green button nose too eye-catching the grey hair color! And not a. No man struggling with his nose nose, feel sad, no one understands. The hearts of their own grievances. When I think about my childhood and my classmates to play together, I am afraid that I am not the same as other friends. I hope that we are all the same相关的主题文章:

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