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"Not easy" to raise a child Jiang Zuping at the conference turned the audience hey – Sohu entertainment platform Sohu Jiang Zu photo entertainment news recently, by the strength of actor Jiang Zuping, Hairong Tian, Xin Baiqing starring emotional inspirational drama "raising a child is not easy to" launch press conference held in Beijing. Actor Jiang Zuping and other actors interact with each other, hey turn the audience. The conference site, Jiang Zuping and other actors to watch "not easy" to raise a child trailers, from time to time with a paper towel to wipe the tears. When Jiang Zuping came to power, you blame the sister-in-law (Hairong Tian ornaments), their tens of dollars to feed the whole family with each month, also grab my sweetheart, I understand myself, also joked that he was now relieved, so that the presence of staff laughed. Although a lot of dissatisfaction with the action on the mouth, betrayed her, from time to time with the Hairong Tian sisters whisper, feelings of envy others. And when it comes to play her husband Xiangzi (Tian Zhong) Jiang Zuping shook his head, and Tian Zhong came to power, Jiang Zuping was playing hide and seek game, and that is not willing to see him, also asked the director why he put his ration and teacher Tian Zhong, also actively cooperate with the answer is quite clever, relationship lasted from quarrelsome lovers play to play. The site also set a part of the game of guessing Jiang Zuping again, to show a high iq. Many times the first time to answer. After himself are elegant and intellectual image of women, the play will show people a tomboy image, Jiang Zuping admits that he can contact this role very happy, and I am looking forward to the challenge of various roles, let everyone see not the same as their own. It is reported that the Jiang Zuping as her sister-in-law and sister-in-law Yan Er, deep feelings, after his brother died, became a half day home, sister-in-law help raising children grow, to find their own happiness story in stumbling. Wonderful content please watch tonight 19:30 Liaoning satellite TV "raising a child is not easy"!   相关的主题文章:

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