Qiu Wenhao crude oil shock interval is not broken 45.5 and then fell agogoktv

Qiu Wenhao: crude rangebound 45.5 is not broken down to meet the clients view the latest market for Monday’s Labor Day holiday, EIA data will be postponed until tomorrow at eleven announced; crude oil rose slightly in Europe days period in international oil prices, oil prices rose more than 1% days to $45.36 a barrel, currently finishing slightly in the 45.3 line, the oil price the rebound is partly because of a weak dollar, but the market for frozen production prospects for agreement reached in major oil producing countries skeptical views, this sentiment inhibited the rally, short-term oil prices remain volatile, but investors still need to be treated with caution by the 45.5 above trend, short-term resistance is suppressed, the evening if the price break this position and refresh overnight highs, oil prices will be to test the 46 mark an important pressure, if the 45.5 can not effectively stabilize continued pressure Retreated down the 45 mark, but to once again stepped back overnight lows is almost impossible, a single friend recommended to choose the appearance. The next day oil prices fell really surprised many, but short of ideas the author given in yesterday’s article in fact and not too much confidence, it is a fact that no need to care about, 45.4 empty single looks perfect, but I have no confidence to give this empty one, near the air was given until 45 a single profit of about 35 points out, list out a bit early, behind all the profits of each miss; a list actually there very contradictory psychology on the inside, on the list are afraid of sudden reversal, the money list into losses, wrong and dying carry, waiting to fall a rebound again, losing money list more losses more in the course of time, you will find that your funds gradually reduced, because you do not know how to control their own income, please list with stop loss and profit, fall Bag for ANN, do not regret the list should be out or not, should not be a word – greed. Sources said the U.S. economic data released after the dollar fell, pessimistic, Wednesday is a week and a half fell to 94.69 lows, the oil support, oil prices Monday had hit a one week high, so before Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to stabilize oil cooperation agreement, but because of increased uncertainty, oil prices after the fall, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non OPEC oil producers such as Russia in September 26, 28 days in Algeria held informal talks, is expected to discuss the problem of freezing; even if the informal talks did not reach production agreement, oil prices are unlikely to fall, may be maintained at around $45 a barrel. Because shale oil production does not increase. Crude oil: days of repeating yesterday’s trend, the Asia Europe plate prices stabilized at 45 above the mark, blocked 45.5 pressure, this evening if you can not effectively stabilize the position of oil prices are expected to meet again on the next day fell; the daily line adjustment, although oil prices fell below 44 mark, at the end of the rebound in oil prices gradually recover the decline, above the 46 mark will finally become long suppressed, the average daily MA5 Guaitou signs before the U.S. disc 45.5 resistance focus; Yang received four hours of continuous long, extremely strong, before the U.S. disc if the price fell below 45 or not.相关的主题文章:

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