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President elect Trump: the first president of the United States in the era of network original title: President elect Trump: the first president of the United States in the era of network Author: Shen Yi this paper starting from the Internet and the presidential election in the United States perspective, analysis of this unprecedented, the first president of the United States, in the network era. The presidential election of November 2016, the real estate businessman Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, became president elect Trump. Although a fragile soul suffering from the impact of political correctness with Hilary supporters, were unable to the emotions and actions of the above facts, in CNN and other media directly or indirectly, express or implied, support, encouragement, by way of continuous burning of the flag of their own exercise of democratic rights, but on the whole, President elect Trump the relatively smooth through the swearing in ceremony, the final official transfer to become president of the United States, entered the White House, in charge of one of the world’s most powerful post. This article from the perspective of the Internet and the United States presidential election, the analysis of this unprecedented, the first, the era of the American president. Some people may disagree, because before Trump, the first Obama, then Hilary Clinton, seem to use the network to accomplish something: Obama in the presidential election in 2008, the YouTube community to promote a burst of fire insurance plans "Obama baby", broken million hits will push Obama presidency at the same time, the Internet will also be president of the title on his head; and Obama on the same stage for the first time in 2008 finally lost the Derby after Hilary entered the State Council, by virtue of the strong style in Obama’s first term to become a full-time American foreign strategy strong Secretary of state, while the first "Internet freedom" concept in term, promote the "Internet diplomacy" from Iran, Beijing, Tunisia, Cairo, Tripoli and North Africa, thrown out from Washington The Internet diplomacy boomerang worldwide stir spring thunder can be described as a time without two. But the two compared to Trump, not really a network era president, the biggest problem is that they use the Internet, is a typical "old wine in new bottles:" Obama baby "is spent millions of dollars to recruit professional Hollywood director, taking hundreds of hours of material belt, then become video clips a few minutes, then hung up to YouTube, which is equivalent to the amateur game players participated in the occupation incognito City Marathon, and has made outstanding achievements". To promote the "Internet diplomacy" Hilary era, is a gross combination during the cold war, peaceful evolution strategy and new media technology, Hilary has a preference for formal innovation, combination and adventurous more than and 30 year old Eric Ross and Cohen, between the hastily opened Pandora’s box, a really good effect, across Tunisia and Egypt to Libya as a banquet, it was a bit xiabulaitai ultimately rely on the traditional military intervention to solve the problem, as far as Syria is already unable to open the picture, and then a long time observation, Internet diplomacy has become the fundamental.相关的主题文章:

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