Liu Qiang East on the eve of the 11 double released to the grassroots cadres in a Jingdong of 20%- S-rainlendar

Liu Qiang East on the eve of the 11 double released to the grassroots cadres in a Jingdong of 20%- Sohu first financial news reporter was informed that in the double 11 Eve, notify the Jingdong group today issued a 2017 pay general adjustment policy, the Jingdong group in 2017 to all grass-roots staff salary increase. Among them, the level of increase in the level of not less than 10% employees, supervisors, managers and employees are not less than 20%. The employees salary increase for the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong at a regular meeting early executives directly finalized the decision. Liu Qiangdong said, with the Jingdong’s business gradually mature, Jingdong will put more resources to enhance the competitiveness of staff salaries and benefits and working environment improvement to allow more employees to share the company’s growth brings rewards. At the same time, he called for increased investment and recruitment of outstanding technical personnel. The publication of this email includes salary details: it is reported that the Jingdong is a professional management and internal two development sequence for the staff, professional series from P1, T1 until P6, T6, sequence from M1 to M5 management. For strategic focus groups, the company will set up a more flexible and competitive space. For senior management, the company will continue to combine cash and stock incentives to motivate talented people." Jingdong in recent years has been promoting the welfare and treatment of grassroots staff growth. Earlier, Jingdong had worked in the city can not go back to the new year, the first line of staff, for many years launched a 3000 yuan per child for the Spring Festival welfare, will be used to stay home children receive new year. At the same time, for female employees, in addition to the statutory maternity leave outside the extra 30 days paid maternity leave. Jingdong also said in the message, in order to retain and attract more talents, in addition to the existing salary and welfare characteristics, Jingdong is also actively planning and carry out the "phoenix nest plan", namely Yizhuang Jingdong headquarters as the center outward radiation, infrastructure for employees of the Jingdong to create office, residential, education, medical etc. integration, let employees at "settle down in Yizhuang".相关的主题文章:

Land buyers less and less Taiwan industry concerns the end of the year there is a fear of the hotel

The fewer passengers Taiwan industry worry: at the end of the hotel to sell new network new network tide in August 25 according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that in the group of mainland tourists travel agency business creation without warning failures, worries of travel agency closures as a domino effect emerged, the travel agency the industry said that if the mainland tourists continue to decrease, perhaps travel agency failures, even the hotel will be closed, the authorities can not ignore the seriousness of. Hotel Taiwan business association chairman Xu Yinshu pointed out that mainland tourists to reduce, hotel performance fell significantly, by the end of may be a wave of selling hotel. Xu Yinshu pointed out that the tourism industry has always been regarded as the happiness industry, industry and industry to highlight, and the blue chip stocks over the past few years, a good tourism boom, there are people have money flows, growth in the number of mainland tourists to related industries benefit consortium continuously cover new hotels, office buildings and even into the hotel. There are old hotel renovation after the mainland tourists do business. Xu Yinshu said that the industry is planning, the number of people will be more and more land, the money must be returned to the profit of the investment, but after the new authorities came to power, the land does not increase the number of passengers, the industry cried bitter. The last group of mainland tourists housing prices is about two person room one night 1400 yuan (NT, the same below) to 1200 yuan, now down to 1000 yuan per night, and have breakfast, the industry unprofitable, "heart in blood".相关的主题文章:

Russian media secret Chinese procurement Soviet 35 purposes research performance to help domestic fi-darren hayes

Russian media secret Chinese purchasing Su 35 purposes: Study on the performance of domestic help fighters data figure: Russian Su -35 fighter original title: Russian media secret China purchasing Su 35 uses: performance study help domestic aircraft according to the Russian satellite network reported on October 13th, Russian media quoted the "radio electronic technology" Konzern deputy general manager of Givet · quarter; Jaffe said, Russia will supply a group of Su -35 fighter to China, and the configuration and provide the same aerospace forces. Previously, China insisted on the assembly of some parts of china. Russian military expert Vasily · Kashin said that, that is to say, the procurement of the first batch of 24 Su -35 fighter’s main purpose is to study the performance of depth test. After about five years of long and arduous negotiations, China and Russia signed a contract for the purchase of the 24 Soviet -35 in 2015. The first discusses the purchase quantity. Russia insisted that not less than 48, while the Chinese want to buy a few frames, the two sides finally reached a 24 frame agreement. The purchase quantity agreed, there are still many problems in suspense. Russia does not intend to transfer any technology to China under the procurement contract framework, insisting that the aircraft should be supplied in the form of finished goods. However, according to Russian media reports, the Chinese side in 2013 to 2014 years insisted on the assembly of Chinese made aircraft components. Perhaps this requirement is related to the fact that the Chinese side wants to unify the fighter cockpit equipment, which will help to organize the technical maintenance and training of the pilots. According to available information, Russia agreed to make some necessary changes. Chinese manufacturers may be involved in part of the aircraft manufacturing. However, the "radio electronic technology" Konzern general manager quarter Jaffe said that after further consultations and negotiations, both sides reached an agreement that will receive Chinese and Russian warplanes fielded the same style, the only difference is the use of Chinese Beidou navigation system. Quarter garve admitted that Russia had tried to cab electronic instrument all the annotation information for Chinese, but Chinese characters in Russia in the LCD screen to display the poor. Chinese fighter equipped with a domestic LCD screen, information in chinese. However, the problem may not lie in the quality of the display, but the display on the screen of the aircraft and weapons control system. From this point of view, Su -35 and Chinese aircraft is different, it is difficult to display the normal font display all necessary information. Chinese air force and naval aviation still has a lot of aircraft equipped with equipment and screen with Russian label, mainly -30MKK and -30MK2 Su su. That is to say, this is not a problem that cannot be solved at the present stage. At the same time, if the future of China’s additional purchase, or transfer technology to Russia, it is necessary to redesign the data display system to meet the needs of Chinese customers. Obviously, the Chinese Air Force Procurement of 24 Su -35 fighter aircraft is mainly for in-depth testing to study its performance. Su -35 will help understand Chinese on their various types of heavy fighter f -11 more accurately and f -15, -16 development, these models will take a long-term China air combat force force.相关的主题文章:

Shui Junyi exposure water poems living expenses amount beyond all

Shui Junyi exposure water poems living expenses amount beyond all expectations Sina entertainment news Shenzhen launched the first tranche of 95 university students after the television variety show "express spot interesting" the fourth phase of the program will be on November 19th (Saturday) 21:25 broadcast. On the first phase of the program, Shui Junyi and the guest star daughter water Yishi "lying" interest, the topic of "circle of friends" were heated discussions, but also greatly show a father and daughter. Shui Junyi is a serious anti, personally staged from the expression package, with this group of 95 after they became a hit, netizens have called: "the father is really cute!" In this program, and the two people again, "lying in fun" in fancy. This time, they will bring us what kind of surprise? Shui Junyi exposure water poems for living expenses, the amount of this program is to beyond all expectations "cost of living" as the theme, around the "save money" and "money had gone" and other topics for discussion. As a senior, Shui Junyi played an opening soon, the exposure of the daughter’s living expenses. This thought is a big number, after all, now star children, living expenses are very impressive. Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang [micro-blog] [micro-blog] daughter Wang Shi [micro-blog] on a preschool, a year tuition is 200 thousand, more than four years of living expenses of some college students. Zhao Wei [micro-blog] in order to allow her daughter to study in Hongkong, but also denounced 200 million huge purchase luxury. As the mother of Zhao Wei has been the daughter of small April education is very heavy, huge amount of money to buy a house is a small road to education in April. But surprisingly, the same as the star of the two generation, the monthly cost of living water poems in fact almost and ordinary college students. And the game control water poems is out of pocket money to play the game for half life, are also considered "constraints"! In fact, in addition to water poems, so is the son of Bartle Song Dandan [micro-blog] [micro-blog]. In the University, the monthly cost of living is only 3500, and other stars compared to the two generation is also far worse, too much can be said to be more frugal. It seems that the two generation of stars, there are also a lot of ordinary life! Money goes too fast, 95 after the explosion of money for pocket money is very important for college students, and even Faye Wong’s daughter, Dou Jingtong is no exception. Early in, when interviewed, she had said: Mom gave me the money, I simply love her to faint!" Hey, even if your mom doesn’t give us any pocket money, we love her too much! Wang Yan [micro-blog] son ball ball is so. Early to participate in the program, the ball in the field of pocket money only to 1 thousand Tucao mom and Dad, 20 thousand than it was too stingy, prompting the crowd laughed at. Rich and willful! Tian Liang [micro-blog] son liangzai is still a "little", but also "money" this skill mastery mastery. In reality show to help Tian Liang to buy a pair of Long Johns, and dad wanted to play "pocket money", before it is told dad more money! It seems to ask for money this matter, we are from an early age on the get, and absolutely can not afford to lose ah! In the相关的主题文章:

Voice with ingenuity spirit to pursue sound itself shock strength – Entertainment Sohu-hamimelon

"Voice" with ingenuity spirit to pursue sound itself shock strength – Sohu   entertainment; music, choreography build entertainment news Zhejiang TV in the four quarter of the Sohu to build a new sound – "war" will debut in October, continue to set off a storm in the music every Friday night. "The voice of the war" and a music show any difference between the past, the main concept of Live Show, the top international stage and audio equipment as the basis, to every phase of the program to create a top concert. The audience loved music and friends all know, judge a concert is the top standard has two: first, whether the singer’s voice and singing is the top condition; second, the concert stage, sound and live band is the top. Zhejiang satellite TV "sound of war" today announced that master jinshaogang and Liu Zhuo joined the leading "voice of war", to provide the industry’s top band audio and security for instructors and players. Create a top music team together, each program is a top concert for a singer, held a large concert, not only go all out to strive for the dream, and pressure is not a small challenge: after all the scene than the studio, really really sing, let the singer’s voice quality and site singing erase any modification, completely exposed in front of the camera and the audience. Live audio and band can be perfectly matched, but also to a large extent affect the singer Live the state and play. Zhejiang satellite TV since the sound of war project began to prepare, put forward the concept of the ultimate Live Show, hoping to create the spirit of the craftsman ultimate music program. The total program producer, Zhejiang TV Center Deputy Director Jiang Minhao proposed "to prepare equipment and team of domestic Chinese music’s top singer." TV blues. Micro-blog announced in the official program on Zhejiang TV before, once in the Beijing Olympic Games, the opening ceremony of the G20 summit in Hangzhou in collaboration with Zhang Yimou’s top domestic sound master Jin Shaogang team, and the band Liu Zhuo team leading to join "the sounds of war". Kim is the first in China to study the sound equipment and technology professionals, but also the current top audio master. Since the beginning of 1984, he began to perform exploration and attempt for the sound. In recent years, the performance task jinshaogang repeatedly ordered domestic top, cooperate with the famous director Zhang Yimou, has served as chief engineer of the sound of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and 2016 G20 twenty summit of theatrical performances. In addition, he also maintained close cooperative relations with Zhejiang satellite TV, served as China good voice, China’s new song, the sound director, presented the audience for the top audio-visual feast. Is the hit "new song" China program, Professor Na Ying team 10 into 5 games where there is such a scene: students PK after Su Lisheng thank teacher before the first bow thanked the sound director jinshaogang, thanked him to create top acoustics for students. Jin Shaogang and I are Na Ying and Wang Feng, known as the "master".相关的主题文章: