Catfish that is expected to land in Fujian Ministry of Civil Affairs launched a national disaster wa-yo te amo

"Catfish" that is expected to land in Fujian Ministry of Civil Affairs launched a national disaster warning – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, according to the Ministry of civil affairs website news, 27, 9, the National Disaster Reduction Committee, Ministry of civil affairs for the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" caused by emergency start national disaster early warning response. The 28 day morning to morning is expected, "catfish" will be in Fujian, Fuqing to Zhangpu along the coastal areas, the strong tropical storm to a typhoon class landing strength. The day before, the National Disaster Reduction Committee Office issued an emergency notice, pointed out that the previous 14 typhoon "Meranti" caused serious disaster to Fujian, two in Zhejiang Province, the typhoon "catfish" will again in Fujian coastal areas, the Civil Affairs Department of Shanghai, Jiangsu, for Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and other places on the basis of preliminary work, to further strengthen emergency duty, strict implementation of 24 hours on duty system, closely tracking the moving path of typhoon, multi-channel, multi platform timely warning and forecast information. Ahead of the opening use disaster sites, the relevant departments to assist the typhoon landing point, low-lying areas, heavy rainfall concentrated area, geological disaster point, nursing homes, nursing homes, schools, construction sites, temporary facilities, tourist attractions and other personnel hedge transfer and guard response in advance, guide the affected area ahead of the masses buy reserve at least 1 – 3 days of the necessities of life, and timely submit the disaster relief work information, as appropriate, timely start disaster emergency response, timely organization of transporting relief supplies, arrangements for emergency relief funds allocated, the greatest degree of disaster losses, to ensure the basic livelihood of the affected people. According to the meteorological department forecast that this year the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" early in the morning of September 27th has been strengthened as a super typhoon, in September 27th 8, the center is located about 210 km southeast of Hualian China Taiwan northwest of the Pacific Ocean (23 degrees north latitude, longitude 123.4 degrees), wind near the center there are 16 (52 m / sec), the center the minimum pressure of 93 thousand and 500 kPa, seven wind circle radius of 350 – 450 km, ten wind circle radius of 200 – 220 km, twelve wind circle radius of 70 km – 90. Expected, "catfish" will be the speed to the north west direction about 22 kilometers per hour to move gradually close to the eastern coast of Taiwan, the strength to maintain or slightly strengthened, on the afternoon of 27 landing in Taiwan Taitung to the coastal area of Hualian, then moved into the Taiwan Strait, and will be 28 am in the morning to Fujian Fuqing to Zhangpu coastal area again landing, strong tropical storm to a typhoon class landing intensity (30-35 meters, 11-12 grade). Under its influence, the next 3 days, Fujian, southeastern Zhejiang, Eastern Guangdong, Jiangxi, Anhui and other places in central heavy rain or heavy rain, the local Eastern Fujian, southeastern Zhejiang, southern Jiangxi and other places with heavy rain.相关的主题文章:

Reporters at the scene of the secret China’s first big rocket, in the end God in where – new network-puritans pride

Reporters at the scene of the secret: China’s first big rocket, in the end God in where? Beijing – Chinese economic weekly economic network reporter Ji Xiaolei Xiao Yi set ten summers as an arrow, now flying dream. At 20:43 on November 3, 2016, China’s new generation of carrier rockets – Long March five in Wenchang, China successfully launched the first space shuttle. China Economic Weekly Visual Center Chief Photographer Xiao Yi Long March five is a milestone in the upgrading of China’s launch vehicle engineering, is an important symbol of China’s space powers to move towards the space powers. Long march five innovation difficulties, technology span, high degree of complexity, representing the highest level of China’s rocket science and technology innovation. The successful implementation of its first mission to fill the gaps in China’s large thrust non-toxic non polluting liquid rocket engine, rocket carrying capacity ranked first in our country, and into the international advanced ranks. The successful launch of the long march five, provide a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of the following three lunar exploration, manned spaceflight, Mars and other major national science and technology projects and major projects. In their long march rocket family, long march five is worthy of the name "big man", the space people affectionately call it "fat five": it is 57 meters in height, equivalent to 20 storeys high; the thick waist, body core level, core level two 5 meters in diameter, the waist is tied 4 to 3.35 meters in diameter booster. The long march series of other active buddy body level the maximum diameter of only 3.35 meters. Hercules was a "Long March five". Its takeoff weight of about 870 tons, takeoff thrust of about 1060 tons, near earth orbit carrying capacity of 25 tons, geosynchronous transfer orbit carrying capacity of 14 tons, ground transfer orbit carrying capacity of 8 tons. Than the previous maximum carrying capacity of the long march three rocket carrying capacity increased by more than 2.5 times. Thus completed a qualitative leap in the carrying capacity of China’s launch vehicle, a substantial increase in the ability of our country to enter the space, the Chinese rocket into the world, including the United States and Russia, the world’s main rocket camp. Therefore, "long five" is also known as China’s first big rocket". Big rocket can not do without big thrust. In the past long March launch vehicles, the thrust of a single engine was only 70 tons. While the four booster Long March five on the assembly of the LOX / kerosene engine 8 new developed, each thrust of up to 120 tons; at the same time, in grade one and two rocket, the assembly of the two new hydrogen engine developed, each thrust of 50 tons; thus the rocket Long March five the total thrust takeoff reached more than 1000 tons. In addition, big thrust, green environmental protection, digitization, reliability, development of the international mainstream vehicle technology requirements, long march five are both successful. Photograph: visual Chinese Long March five engine uses fuel propellant, non-toxic and pollution-free minus 183° minus 253° C; liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen propellant; C, make our rocket with the new characteristics of green environmental protection ". It is because of large, large capacity, strong technology, the structure of the long march five natural than any previous models of the long march rocket;相关的主题文章:

Children are keen on social networking how to ” 00 after ” make up the media

Children are keen on social networks to   " 00 " supplement on media literacy class – the media – original title: how to fill the "after 00" media literacy classes with a mobile phone to go to school, go home and talk to WeChat, made a circle of friends…… Cell phone is not a good day, a primary school student in Beijing Zhao Zhao only 5 weeks to enjoy the enjoyment of the past two weeks. During this period, with the mother of the war escalated. Repeated nagging, resistance, eventually a total outbreak let Zhao Zhao lost control of the mobile phone daily. "The weekend can be used within a specified period of time," the mother and child two people in a compromise to rebuild a harmonious relationship, but the heart addiction is still, who knows the temporary isolation, I will face what kind of challenge?" Zhao Zhao said helplessly. Helpless, powerless, no measures, many parents in dealing with the child and cell phone when the most intense feelings. "The teacher built a class group of students, send and receive notice; the school community to build a community of students, exchange discussion…… Even the children say, no cell phone, the students in the WeChat group chat things I do not know, it is completely out of date. As a parent, in the end do not give the child with the phone? But addicted to mobile phones, addicted to social networking, the consequences I really can not afford." Zhao Zhaoma in a dilemma. Small mobile phone to adults out of a problem. But new technologies are coming and we have nowhere to hide. Published Chinese Youth Research Center before the data show, "after 00" mobile phone has the proportion of 64.6%, this data is about 8 times the 90 ". "Mobile phone control" "bow" and "Shuabing family" to young people spread. The study suggests that the media literacy education system should be moved down to the primary school curriculum system, and focus on the development of media literacy education. Network social norm, parents and parents in or whether the tube for intelligent mobile phone battle failure after "00" Changchun youth week, snow days go out to participate in training when the wind, or reluctant zone on the old machine". Intelligent mobile phone let week into eye-opening, midnight by WeChat and classmates talked hot, the parents discovered several times. Survey shows that the mobile phone has become a new tool of entertainment for children, nearly half (46.4%) of the 00 after using a mobile phone social networking software, "tends to normalize the children’s social networking behavior after 00", their network behavior is the most frequent social. China journalism Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Journalism Research Director Huang Chuxin investigation concluded, "after 00" are more likely to find information through the network, to make friends, they will not afraid because of the use of electronic products and marginalized or excluded, which makes them more interested to find a sense of belonging from the network. In the network, and thus fall into the vicious circle of friends. Zhou Cheng’s father Zhou Haixin is not assured that the reasons for his son to use smart phones, is that the lack of analysis and judgment ability of children. "Now some network novel, the game interface exposed photos are not uncommon, yellow short video can smoothly through the WeChat communication, make people impossible to guard against." Neither willing to separate the child from the network, and fear of children affected by bad information, many parents into this相关的主题文章:

Trump has filed a lawsuit in China filed for trademark lawsuit-ca1835

Trump has filed a lawsuit filed for trademark in China, the original title: Trump actually filed an administrative lawsuit in China, of course, in the end he lost…… Trump. Data figure in 2006, when Trump is ready to apply for English TRUMP trademark in China, he found that he had two weeks ago by a man named Dong Wei registered.. In 2015, he filed an administrative lawsuit, finally being abused…. Losing the….. Laughter is the most, but also to pay one hundred yuan… A year later, he became president of the United states… So, Dong Wei, who later blew, and the United States won a lawsuit… I don’t know if Trump will stay on as president!!! There are a lot of friends to find Trump toilet cover, the trademark of the outlet of Trump: in case of a Scorpio is a Scorpio, Trump………… Think about it…. The following is a comment: @ three private note: this Trump knows how to play China law, learning technology to the barbarians, later will use China rules to play with China. Ouyang Feng worry: finished. The gentleman revenge, no later than ten years: the female trickster @ Khitan is a whistle blower. @PETZ Asian Organization: "Uncle Zhang to laugh cry]] " cry]]  cry]]  "to laugh; smile; smile" cry]] Trump waved his hand in front of Zhongshan Park, a paper knife flying all over the sky. "The Beijing intermediate people’s Court of corrupt ah!" Suddenly sprang beside a small van, down several plainclothes men, the suddenness of a thunderbolt put his head into the car according to mongolia. After a flurry of peace, calm. When Trump woke up, he was lying on the lawn of the white house… Su little: this sentence is no problem…… Slow also have Viagra registered name, well-known protection does not include foreign @,: an American, traveled to China rights is a kind of what kind of spirit? @sakura12: a foreigner, you want to win a lawsuit in our country? See the major foreign car companies in China encounter responsibility editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章:

Please don’t worry about the work of the first directed by Li Chen to Fan Bingbing actress. –

Please don’t worry about the work of the first directed by Li Chen to Fan Bingbing: actress. – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, according to Taiwan "China times news, Fan Bingbing and her boyfriend Li Chen generous love, two people often attended the public, and in the Spring Festival this year, he even has followed the woman home to eat family reunion dinner married, it seems only a matter of time, because the two career, almost rarely have time to cultivate their feelings, Fan Bingbing had to complain" love too little time, even the Li Chen choupai upgraded the director’s debut, please don’t worry are to each other when the protagonist. Li Chen recently to buy a dress manufacturer contact, it is because he is preparing for his first film work, the story will be revealed to the air force for the subject, asked whether Fan Bingbing will play for the show? Li Chen admits there is a chance, but now just in the San Sebastian International Film Festival Best Actress Award for the Spanish silver shell, career to new heights, it seems difficult to go to a trip full of files, so that he could not help feeling "actress ah". For the growing gap between the two sides, as her boyfriend will be under pressure? Li Chen bluntly they the award has not been particularly great desire, at this stage only eager to have a good role to play, "this is actually something needs to be done in the future if the award before, I really have a good role with a good script, a good team, I think the fact that (my) awards with her should be parallel." As for the outside world concerned about the marriage, Li Chen said that with Fan Bingbing has not planned, everything is to let nature take its course.相关的主题文章: