Ordering platform repeated problems into the black list iptd-651

Ordering platform repeated problems into the "black list" yesterday morning, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration held a clue network ordering platform problems briefing, this is the second since August 10th, the Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Bureau held third clues online ordering platform issues briefing. Baidu takeaway, Baidu Nuomi, U.S., home exchange, delicacy hungry 15 home network ordering platform in. In the rectification of the three platform 8000 offline businesses Baidu takeaway, U.S., hungry 13 platform shops in Beijing area public information rate is close to 90%, within 2 weeks of referral business 8000. Due to the three platforms off the line without a license store, license publicity rate increased from two weeks ago to 89.9%, up by 3.4 percentage points. Three platforms, the United States to take away the public interest rate of 95.9%, hungry for what the, Baidu takeaway 84.5%. August food and Drug Administration 12331 complaints center, a total of complaints received by consumers for the top three platforms report of 159. Among them, the issue of food safety and health is still the most concerned about consumers. For example, the three platform total nominal located in Fengtai District Maliandao Beijing old Beijing American fried chicken shop "by consumer complaints, banned the line the store had been carried out in the previous stage of undocumented food inspection operations, but its network management behavior has not stopped. Municipal Food and drug administration, said Zhao Xin, head of the Internet monitoring center, the provisions of the network of food management practices, the platform should establish consumer complaints management system, which is not effectively implemented in the three platforms. Private kitchen ordering risks need to be cautious of the city food and Drug Administration food market director Li Jiang said, on the recent network ordering platform is investigated on the carding, transfer of the business sector, into the enterprise credit system. It is understood that the enterprise credit information network by 55 government supervision departments, repeated illegal food production operators in serious cases will be the implementation of the Department between network blacklist lock, the business activities of enterprises and the relevant persons responsible for the corporate office behavior will be limited. According to consumer complaints reflect the individual under the banner of "kitchen" and "private kitchen" in the name of the network ordering platform, the food safety law, the third party platform provider network, network operators to deal with real name registration, a clear responsibility for food safety management. Can not be separated from the legal supervision by the name of the family or private. The individual under the banner of "kitchen" and "private kitchen" carried out on behalf of ordering service platform, and stores not only did not sign the food security agreement, also to avoid the disclaimer in the form of evade legal responsibility. Municipal Food and Drug Administration tips, consumers want to enhance self-protection awareness, not subject to such food temptation. 1 – Notification businesses yet rectification in August 26th, the food and Drug Administration told Baidu takeaway, U.S. two platform bulletin 40 clues, the late part of the monitor, have been informed of business issues, has yet to be down or rectification. These issues include the license expired license, super scope dish, and not public license information etc.. 2 license information fraud in the city food and Drug Administration相关的主题文章:

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