Online shopping card bank card into the black industry chain 500-1300 yuan per set

Online shopping card bank card into a black chain 500-1300 yuan per – Beijing reporters BYD online shopping identity cards, bank cards, mobile phone cards and other items are true and valid identity card, bank card on the Internet by a large number of identity card set packaged sellers have different age and sex of the Beijing police recently cracked the case, the suspect with other people’s bank card to steal a company account for about 6000000 yuan, the police seized dozens of ID card, bank card. Beijing Youth Daily reporter survey found that identity cards, bank cards, cell phone cards, U shield, account information, such a document on the Internet called the price of 500 yuan to $1300. The illegal trade bank identity card, online card has become a complete black industry chain, the acquisition of false identity cards, bank cards do, sell online bank card, while the downstream is telecommunications fraud, Weika fraudulent crime. Event suspects 87 online shopping card money laundering online identity cards, bank cards black chain surfaced, is due to the recent case of Beijing police cracked. In this case, the company’s former technical R & D personnel to grasp the company’s key with the cup, forged orders to allow the bank to make a bank card. More than a year’s time, the suspect transferred more than 1 thousand and 800 pens, resulting in the loss of about $6 million. Suspects in order to hide their identity information, online shopping a large number of bank cards, the company’s money to online shopping bank card, and then take out, save their own card. Although the suspects are trying to hide themselves, but the police have access to bank cards and withdrawals of information. Police found the case involving a total of 87 bank cards, these 87 bank cards were transferred to the suspect, the suspect has become a tool for money laundering. From 2015 May to 2016 the suspect at the beginning of July, a total of 1800 times the crime, the single minimum maximum hundreds of yuan, but also 5000 yuan, but more than a year were transferred out of about 6000000, the average daily to turn away 20 thousand yuan. A total of 87 bank cards, all over the country from all over the 14 provinces and regions, each card with the number of times, how much money has been recorded." In the scene, the police seized dozens of ID card, bank card. According to the suspect, the ID card is purchased online, identity cards, bank cards, U shield, mobile phone card, account information, such a set of data in the price of 500 yuan to 1000 yuan, the suspect spent millions of dollars to buy these documents. The investigation of selling online public identity card, bank card online if you can buy the ID card, bank card, BYD reporter to do a survey. Search engine on the search keywords "ID card", a name "× × certificate 8 customer service" business. When asked whether you can buy identity cards, the merchant sent a link, and said he can pick the ID card you want. There are 50 ID cards in the web page, these cards are male and female, age span is also great, Beijing, Hunan, Sichuan have. When asked about the ID card is reliable, the other said ID dusitu相关的主题文章:

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